What Shoes To Wear on Concrete Floors?

What Shoes To Wear on Concrete Floors

What Shoes To Wear on Concrete Floors

Concrete Floors Structure

There is nothing harder for your feet than walking on concrete floors. This kind of terrain is the one exerting excessive pressure on your most sensitive parts of your feet. These include your heels and foot curve areas as well that are really important in making you walk in the best pattern you may have.

The concrete structure is hard by nature. This material that is widely used in the construction of modern buildings and combined with steel bars turns out to be one of the hardest rocks that a man can create.

This concrete floor is usually covered by other materials such as wood or ceramic tiles or even marble that are a lot gentle for your feet. But construction workers are obliged to walk and stand on concrete floors for multiple hours due to the nature of their job.

This article is about the right kind of shoes that these workers should be buying in order to withstand the long hours in construction sites that includes walking and standing on concrete floors. The preservation of the foot health of these people is of primary importance for all shoe brands and the presentation of the best of them is following.

Shoes That are Best for Concrete Floors

People that are constantly working in the construction business and walk on concrete floors are better to select the construction type of boots that are by far the most adequate shoes for the situation.

These construction boots are elevated to give better vision for the concrete floor construction worker. This happens with no interference to the overall balance of the persons since the boots have a lower profile than their competitors.

Additionally, the insoles are of the newest technology and can give you improved comfort when walking on them. They include more cushioning to the heel and foot curve areas so that the person wearing them is never aggravated from mild impacts to the concrete floors. The boots are even using these impacts to give a perfectly balanced rebound to the outsole and make it easier to walk for prolonged periods of time on concrete.

Moreover, these boots have a special chemical layer on the outside part of the shoes that don’t allow the fresh concrete to react with them and change their molecular structure. This layer is protective enough to keep your shoes intact for a long time since the fresh concrete is in the liquid phase and can easily stick on your outsoles and gradually distract your shoes with its corrosive abilities.

Finally, the shoes are more resistant to the external part of the outsoles giving you a better grip on slippery terrains as well as better traction when walking on them. These shoes are not able to get you running since they are a lot heavier than the normal ones.

The steel toe on the forefoot area can also protect ultimately your toe fingers against any type of impact happening while working with concrete. Lots of wooden types and steel bars are around when working with concrete and you may experience frequently impacts with heavy objects. If there wasn’t any steel toe cover your toe fingers integrity would be jeopardized at any time.

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Shoes You Should Avoid Wearing on Concrete Floors.

When working on concrete floors you should forfeit the use of sandals and slippers. This kind of shoes is unable to keep you protected from impacts and can even put your life in danger since it has no anti-skid abilities.

Additionally, you should never use high heeled shoes when working on concrete. Their ability to put a lot more pressure may harm the freshly applied concrete and create many problems at work. Not to mention, that their instability is monumental and can easily provoke fatal injuries to users.


There are lots of shoes you can wear on concrete floors. However, the most competent are the construction boots that are reliable, durable and tested in many construction sites across the world.

Your main interest when buying such shoes should be your safety as well as your comfort when working on them. Concrete floors may impose great dangers for your integrity and a wise investment may lead to a better quality of life.

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