How to Get Rid of Foot Pain: Ultimate Guide

How to Get Rid of Foot Pain

Like wheels move vehicles, so is our feet. Feet carry us everywhere we go every day; however, we may not realize that until they hurt. To find relief to your aching feet, you need to point out the exact problem. After you find which feet location is painful, you then look for ways on how to get rid of foot pain.

This article looks into detail causes of foot pain and various remedies that will help you get back to a healthy leaving.

Causes Of Foot Pain

Foot pains can be caused by medical conditions or life choices such as exercises, walking, running, or standing for long hours. Below are some common causes of foot pain.

Lifestyle Causes

Wearing shoes that have high heel can be the greatest cause of foot pain, especially when you walk, run, or stand for long hours wearing them. Also if the shoes you wear don’t fit you well. Similarly, if you perform some vigorous aerobics and sports activities you can develop foot injuries

Medical Causes

Feet can be painful as a result of medical disorders like arthritis, diabetes mellitus; this type of diabetes causes damaged nerves, foot sores, and hardened arteries. There are other causes like warts, calluses, ingrown toenails, and more.

Types of Foot Pain and How To Get Rid of It

Achilles tendonitis. This is the injury of the Achilles tendon, the tissue that links calf muscles to heel bone. Mostly middle-aged sports people suffer this disorder and can be alleviated through home care under physicians’ check or surgery in severe cases.

Bunions. The type of pain appears in the form of a bony bump at the base of the big toe. Bunions occur when the bones on the foot front dislocate, pushing the big toe towards the small toes. Medical conditions or foot deformity may lead to bunions.

Heel pain. This pain occurs at the lower or underside of the heel, leading to problematic when walking. Caused by strains, sprains, long runs, or wearing oversize or high heeled shoes.

Heel spurs. In this case, heel bone protrudes as a result of calcium deposits. Commonly associated by plantar fasciitis, causing the fibrous band to get inflamed.

Overpronation. Here, the heel hits the ground first whenever you overpronate, and the foot rolls back onto an arch, then flattens your feet. The disorder stresses the hip and the leg wholly.

Hammertoes. The condition is caused by deformities, imbalances of the muscle tendons, and tissues that straighten the toes. Mallets and hammertoes occur in other toes sparing the big toe.

Metatarsalgia. The disorder causes the ball of the foot to get inflamed. Causing a lot of pain to the region and is caused by sporting activities like jumping and running. Too tight or oversize shoe can minimize it through wearing shock-absorbing shoes.

Morton’s neuroma. This foot condition is mostly experienced at the foot’s ball between the third and fourth feels like there is a feeble in your shoes when walking. Your foot feels numb or sharp, burning pain.

Plantar fasciitis. It is the inflammation of the tissues which connects toes to heel bone. This leads to recurring pain when you stand after prolonged sitting or when you wake up and try standing in the morning.

Sesamoiditis. It is a pain as a result of inflammation of the tendons connected to the patella in the foot. Also, it affects quadriceps.

How to Get Rid of Foot Pain

Foot massage. You can sit down with your chair or let someone rub the bottom of your feet using massage oil. The lubrication softens the skin making it easy to massage. It helps ease the pain.

Wear the right shoes. You should be careful about the shoes you wear. For your safety, wear correct shoe sizes, and ensure they are the right and don’t overuse them beyond their life span. Wear shoes that fit well, well-cushioned, and those offer ideal arch support.

Doing strengthening exercises. Avoid a sedentary lifestyle and do regular activities that will make your feet flexible. Resistance exercises will help build feet strength and hence save from future foot pains.

Use pain relievers. Pain relievers can be in the form of OTC drugs to take or others for applying to cool and ease the pain sensation.

Apart from discussed methods on how to get rid of foot pain, there are more like buying arch supports, the use of ice, and doing stretches.

Solutions for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can be solved through care, wearing the shoes with the right cushioning and with a zero-drop heel if possible. Balancing your weights to safe levels, use supports, if the nature of your game causes you can change, and more.

What Can You Do to Help Bunions and Hammer Toes?

When you want to prevent bunions and hammertoes, you can practice wearing shoes with low heels. Also, you can wear shoes with a good toe box space.

How to Prevent Foot Shin Splint?

Shin print is pain and inflammation at the front of the lower leg. You can prevent the disorder by using athletic shoes that are well fitted with insoles that have shock absorption ability. You can cross-train and have a running expert examine your strides.

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The bottom line is,  to use the information and high lights described in these articles to understand various ways on how to get ride foot pain and preventive measures to take. Much you should know is that the sizes, shape, the life span, and choice of shoes should be taken with seriousness.

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