10 Best Shoes for Jazzercise Reviewed 2023

Best Shoes for Jazzercise

Jazzercise is considered to be one of the most available and flexible form of working out today. The fusion of kickboxing, fitness, strength training, aerobic activities and dance are possible if you are of right mind and biggest will. However, all your effort can go down the drain if you do not have the best shoes for jazzercise.

Since jazzercise is all that fun, great and not that pain free. In this guide, we have narrowed down your options on the top best jazzercise shoes currently available in the market. We have also listed some important factors to enable you to make the right choice.

What is Jazzercise?

Jazzercise refers to a dance workout party. This dance brings together yoga, strength training, pilates and kickboxing and helps on in burning a total of 800 calories within 60 minutes. There are a number of conditions that are required to help in burning a huge amount in less than 60 minutes.

However, jazzercise are never available online. There are DVDs and videos which are usually sold by retailers. You can get jazzercise through their application where one can always follow workouts, link the workout devices and receive rewards

Benefits of Jazzercise

Jazzercise helps in burning off cardio by performing dance based cardio and combined strength training at a rate of 800 calories or even more in 1 hour. The workout exercise usually targets your upper body, abs, and legs to ensure you are always in good shape.

It helps in strengthening the body bones, offering more energy, losing weight, helping boost the energy levels, making one happier by reducing their levels of stress and it works all the major muscles in the body. There are a number of other health benefits like better blood circulation of blood in the body.

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What Types of Shoes Should You Wear for Jazzercise?

There are different types of jazzercise shoes currently available in the market. The top features that are common in all the best jazzercise shoes are breathable materials that are well ventilated and allow free circulation of air in the feet. Well cushioned shoes that ensure anyone using them is comfortable and relaxed.

The shoes also need to be durable and made from high quality materials. Their soles need to be capable of absorbing shock whenever one is performing the workouts. The shoes need to be of great design that ensures one is comfortable wearing them.

Our Top Picks

PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Sneaker Periscope Silver-Pink...
Nike Air Force 1 07 Black 315115-038 (Size: 6)
Ryka Women's DEVO XT MID Athletic Shoe, black, 7 W US
PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Sneaker Periscope Silver-Pink...
Nike Air Force 1 07 Black 315115-038 (Size: 6)
Ryka Women's DEVO XT MID Athletic Shoe, black, 7 W US
3,696 Reviews
285 Reviews
185 Reviews
PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Sneaker Periscope Silver-Pink...
PUMA Women's Tazon 6 WN's fm Sneaker Periscope Silver-Pink...
3,696 Reviews
Nike Air Force 1 07 Black 315115-038 (Size: 6)
Nike Air Force 1 07 Black 315115-038 (Size: 6)
285 Reviews
Ryka Women's DEVO XT MID Athletic Shoe, black, 7 W US
Ryka Women's DEVO XT MID Athletic Shoe, black, 7 W US
185 Reviews

10 Best Shoes for Jazzercise

1. Women’s Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Shoes

Reebok is a very popular brand in the Jazzercise industry. It is not a surprise to have the Women’s Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Shoes ranking top in our list of best shoes for Jazzercise.

These best shoes for jazzercise are completely robust and have been structured well offering great performance without having to compromise its style. The shoes are also of affordable price and have successfully replaced the one time favorites Nano 7.0 CrossFit.

The shoes are completely versatile pairs which are ideal for all the three major cross fit training elements and have been made to offer a great performance level. Made using materials with great breathability, the Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 8.0 Flexweave Shoes ensures there is free air circulation on the foot. This ensures the feet are always kept cooler whenever one is working out especially during hot days.

The shoes upper mesh is made of seamless construction that makes them durable as their minimal outer sole drop offers solid and sturdy foundation which enables one to effectively lift the weights.


  • Heel cup is reinforced offering more durability
  • The toe box is powerful ensuring better performance
  • Upper construction is durable
  • Uppers is made of breathable mesh
  • Quite affordable in terms of price


  • Lacks great arch support
  • Midfoot section is a bit narrow

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2. Women’s ASICS Gel-Fit Tempo 3 Shoes

In case you are in the market for a top and high intensity shoes, then the Women’s ASICS Gel-Fit Tempo 3 Shoes is your best option in the market. This shoe is lightweight in nature while the materials used in making it are of great breathability level.

Most people who are interested in doing Jazzercise are said to be in love with the Women’s ASICS Gel-Fit Tempo 3 Shoes as it comes with great cushioning, materials are durable and of high quality. They are also of adjustable fit and secure and very stylish in nature.

The shoes upper is made of mesh fabric material that comes with perforated synthetic at the sides and is completely solid in the area of the toe. The models’ comfort can easily be achieved by the tongue and collar which is soft padded.

It is also known to be very affordable shoes in the market but very reliable for women who gave up in exercising is never an option.


  • It is extremely lightweight
  • Made using breathable materials
  • Comes with great cushioning
  • Materials are of high quality and durable
  • Affordable in terms of price


  • Only fits people with normal and narrow width
  • Lacks enough support at the forefoot

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3. Women’s Ryka Influence Shoes

The Women’s Ryka Influence Shoes is among the best shoes for jazzercise in the market. Its popularity has quickly risen especially among women who are in need of padded collars and tongue. Apart from being well cushioned, the feet top and the surrounding heel and ankle areas are also well protected.

The feet soles are well remembered as it can be seen in the midsoles dual density that helps in shock absorption. They help offer protection against impacts whenever one lands on the floor during workouts.

The Women’s Ryka Influence Shoes are also known to come with great traction. The design of the footprint ensures there is a great grip whenever one is turning, twisting or moving.

The amount of traction and protection one will enjoy from these shoes ensures the feet never compromise the flexibility amount that is of great importance to workouts like Jazzercise.

The upper mesh is made of synthetic leather which offers your feet enough room to move with lots of freedom during Jazzercise workouts.


  • The midsoles comprises of dual density
  • Underfoot comes with great traction
  • Collar and tongue are well cushioned
  • Upper mesh is made of synthetic for great flexibility
  • Supportive layers are of direct fuse and flex foil
  • Quite affordable


  • Materials are not that breathable
  • Upper mesh is prone to stretching

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4. Women’s PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Shoes

PUMA is a reputable and op company when it comes to the manufacturing of Jazzercise shoes in the world. One of its top products the Women’s PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Shoes is a top quality Jazzercise shoe that is well known for its high quality and reinforced material.

These best sneakers for jazzercise have been made using synthetic leather which offers it great strength especially on the outer sole. The leather has been used in the entire shoes to the shoe tongue thus coming up with a model that will stay in the market for a pretty long time.

One can easily see the materials which have been reinforced in the insoles of the rubber. The shoe’s back is made using a dual layer comprising of gel and rubber materials.

The layer of gel helps in reducing levels of fatigue together with problems that are related to an increase in movements. The sole rubber helps in creating enough support and offers more room for the ankle to breathe in.


  • It’s under carriage is full of layering
  • Sole has dual layer for the great support
  • Made using synthetic materials
  • The quality of materials is high and of top quality
  • Tongue and collar are well padded


  • Small toe box
  • Quite expensive

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5. Nike Women’s Air Force 1 ’07

The Women’s Nike Air Force 1 ’07 is a well known shoe type that is lightweight on the users’ feet. Its midsole has been made using pylon while the outsole is made using phylon. The shoes weigh 7 ounces each which offers one with a great comfort level.

They are well equipped with flex grooves that help in enhancing the flexibility and ensure it suits workouts. It comes with a shaft that measures 2.6” that ensures the shoes have a sleek appearance.

The shoes are available in a variety of colors which offers one a great option to choose what fits him or her best. One will for sure enjoy performing the different jazzercise workouts when in these shoes. They are of great price and highly durable.


  • Made of lightweight and quality materials
  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Highly flexible
  • Comes with a shaft that ensures it is of great appearance
  • Well equipped with flex grooves


  • Not suitable for people with wide feet
  • Not that unique when compared to other Nike Shoes

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6. Women’s RYKA Aqua Shoes

The Women’s RYKA Aqua Shoes is a perfect product which can be used in and out of water. These shoes are best for water sport and aerobics and come with unique features which ensure the user is comfortable and helps in protecting them from any form of injury. It is made using soft textile from the inside that helps in ensuring it never hurts or rubs the feet.

These ryka jazzercise shoes come with a great lacing system which makes it easy for one to slip on and off the shoes.

The footbed is well perforated while the midsole comes with an outsole rubber and drainage ports which makes water drain out easily ensuring the shoes dries fast. The shoes also come with padded collar and tongue and its’ heel comes with a pull tab which makes it easy and comfortable to put on whenever working out.


  • Lightweight
  • Dries easily
  • Comes with padded tongue and collar
  • Has a great lacing system
  • Made using soft textile


  • Quickly wears out
  • Elastic lace is a bit awkward

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7. Women’sCapezio DS11 Shoes

In case you are in need of top quality shoes that will enable you to perform your jazzercise workouts and are not that stylish, the Women’s Capezio DS11 Fierce Shoes are your best pick in the market.

These shoes are made using non marking soles which are synthetic and play a crucial role in helping do away with scuff marks that take place because of intense training exercises. The shoes come with arches which have been perforated helping in offering right ventilation which enables one to exercise for a long time.

The Women’s Capezio DS11 Fierce Shoes comes with padded EVA which helps in ensuring it attains maximum levels of comfort. The sliders of these shoes offer a soft platform where one can always create and move a strong impact. The Achilles tendon is very comfortable and safe thanks to the heels which are well padded making perfect jazzercise shoes.

It comes with tongue and collar that are well padded which helps in keeping the sneakers from causing any levels of discomfort and injuring the ankles.


  • Very durable
  • Lightweight this makes it easy to move around with
  • Made using non marking soles
  • Comes with a padded EVA for comfort
  • Padded tongue and collar


  • Not enough arch support
  • Quite expensive

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8. Women’s Adidas Adipure 360.2 W Shoes

In case you are in the market for jazzercise shoes that will enable you to enjoy lateral stability whenever you move side to side without considering if you are doing speed or camp drill, then the Women’s adidas Adipure 360.2 W Shoes fits the bill.

These best jazzercise shoes come with collar of great comfort that helps in hugging your ankle all day long ensuring you are comfortable as you work out. The midfoot comes with adjustable fame offers great support whenever you are performing all workout types.

Investing in Women’s Adidas Adipure 360.2 W Shoes will ensure you enjoy great support cushioning and great protection which you will require for stability whenever you are performing the workouts.

The shoes are made up of a very soft one mesh stretch upper that completely integrates with the medial floating cage for the great support on the midfoot.


  • It is a very colorful shoe with great design
  • Comes with well padded tongue and collar
  • The midfoot is made using an adjustable frame
  • Great cushioning for great stability and comfort
  • Upper part is made up of soft material


  • Sizing is a bit off
  • A bit uncomfortable when working out

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9. Women’s Bloch Dance Boost Shoes

The Women’s Bloch Dance Boost Shoes is a top jazzercise shoe that comes with distinctive features. It is made up of a variable lacing system which makes enables perfect individual adjustment of the laces that helps in maximizing comfort levels and ensuring a secure fit.

These shoes come well equipped with arch support that are built in and the EVA sock liner is well molded. This helps in elevating the level of arch which helps prevent any injury whenever one is working out.

The midsole comes with an EVA foam which is well padded to offer perfect 4PSI level cushioning that helps in absorption of shock. The midsole are also replaceable.

The outsole has been split into four parts making the shoes great for flexibility and also helps in piloting that allows for movements of 360 degrees that are important for pivoting and sliding on the jazzercise.

The shoes are made up of lightweight upper mesh that ensures there is free air circulation on the feet keeping them dry and cool.


  • It comes with a completely variable design lacing system
  • Made up of an EVA sock liner
  • Is of a spin spot design
  • Comes with a great secure fitting
  • Tongue and collar are padded for comfort


  • Shoes are of small fit
  • Not that durable

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10. Women’s Ryka Devotion Xt Shoes

The Women’s Ryka Devotion Xt Shoes closes our list of top ten shoes in the market. It is a popular shoe that comes with RE-ZORN technology that helps in making it unique. The technology also plays a crucial role in shock absorption that helps in making the feet more comfortable and ensures it offers great performance.

These jazzercise shoes are well designed with the outsole rubber that makes them great for easy movements whenever one is exercising. It also comes with flex grooves which are located at the fore foot ensuring one is flexible as they execute their turns.

The Women’s Ryka Devotion Xt Shoes comes with well padded collar and tongue and also have sufficient cushioning that ensures high comfort levels and offers extra cozy fitting. These shoes also have an insole that comprises of a precise return anatomic that ensures the smooth sock liners offer great comfort levels.


  • Stylish and modern look
  • Comes with a great pivot for flexibility
  • Spacious toe box
  • Comes with flex grooves
  • We padded collar and tongue
  • Uses RE-ZORN technology


  • Quite expensive
  • Comes with a narrow heel

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What To Look for In Shoes for Jazzercise

The wide variety of jazzercise shoes in the market has made it difficult for people to shop for the best shoes for jazzercise in the market. These tips will enable you to make the best choice.

Heel and lateral support

Since jazzercise is a top impact workout, the shoes you go for need to be in a position of absorbing and cushioning such high impact exercises. To enable you to avoid hurting your knees and feet and stressing yourself, it is appropriate that you go for shoes with excellent heel support.


This is a top feature in shoes for jazzercise as it helps you kick, move, bend and point well. A number of shoe makers always ensure that they place shank in between the outsole and the insole below the feet arch. This helps in acting as a structure for support.

It is also advisable that you ensure the shoes are not that flimsy since flexibility is of great importance whenever you are doing jazzercise.

Absorption of Shock

Since jazzercise comprises of lateral moves, it is important that the pair of shoes you go for are capable of taking in shock from any exercise that is of high impact. Shock absorber are very important when it comes to shoe construction as it helps in protecting the ankle, feet, and joints from any form of injury.

You can never buy the shock absorbers separately or have them added later to your shoes. It is therefore important for one to go for shoes that come with shock absorbers.


The last thing you will require is a shoe that will weigh you down since performing jazzercise exercises involves lots of springing and pivoting. Always go for shoes that are lightweight to help improve your mobility and prevent the legs and feet from straining.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. What is the difference between Zumba and Jazzercise?

Zumba and Jazzercise are known to draw lots of music variety to accompany their workouts. For instance, Jazzercise comes with more pop or jazz influence although it might include hip hop, ballads, and country. Zumba has been influence by Latin and comprises of salsa, meringue, and reggaetion.

Q. Can you lose weight with Jazzercise?

Yes, it is very much possible for one to lose weight when doing jazzercise. You can always register for classes where you will be in a position of losing weight and enable you register fast results. You will also be in a position burn off excess calories when enjoying your favorite music. Jazzercise will help turn out exercise into more fun.

Q. How many times a week should I Jazzercise?

There is a Jazzercise application which you can always use to help you in navigating the classes available and when they are offered. The instructors doing jazzercise will also be getting new routines every 10 weeks. This means there is always a new way you can challenge yourself.

Q. Can I use my running shoes?

It is important that you avoid using walking or running shoes whenever you are doing jazzercise. Running shoes are very popular and are meant for straight movement which will offer no lateral support. This will ensure the ankles are not prone to any injury.

List of 10 Best Jjazzercise Shoes


We are sure that you are now in a position of choosing the best shoes for jazzercise without lots of trouble. The analysis process did take us 4 weeks where a total of 40 shoes were analyzed. We also considered the opinion of previous jazzercise shoes users and shoe experts. In case of any question or suggestion feel free to reach us.

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