10 Best Shoes for Insanity – Review And Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Shoes for Insanity

Keeping fit requires serious effort and internal toughness. You should awaken the sleeping giant within you to achieve your fitness goals. As you hit the gym, you should not have other things boggling your mind. Most importantly, you should select the best shoes for insanity.

When you have the right gear and shoes, you are halfway through your goals. The following review analyzes the top 10 insanity workout shoes. Peruse through and select your favorite.

What To Look for When Choosing The Shoes for Insanity

When choosing insanity shoes you have to be cautious primarily on the quality of the footwear. The right shoes to deal with the mental disorder are the sneakers or sandals that have virtually no shoelaces on.

Some people have used the shoelaces to hang themselves or even other inmates when being hospitalized. That is why the shoes which are adequate for insanity should be flexible and soft with zero metal parts that can be transformed in lethal weapons.

Why Do I Need Special Shoes for Insanity?

Special shoes are needed because insane people are not in a position to control themselves. In this way they need all the care they can get for their feet without feeling like they are walking barefoot. It has been shown that insane people experience a better quality of life when wearing shoes that are flexible and lightweight.

Not to mention that by wearing special shoes for insanity you will feel more secure and comfortable.

Features of Good Shoes for Insanity

The best insanity shoes have some special features like:

  • Breathability. Shoes that are breathable are more likely to reduce stress.
  • Larger forefoot area. This is to help you find the balance by giving mobility to toe fingers.
  • Lack of extra colors. Most of the times white sneakers are perfect for insanity.
  • Absence of shoelaces. This is a must for the insanity compatible shoes. Shoelaces are hard to fix when you are under medication.

Benefits of Wearing Shoes for Insanity

The reality is that the best shoes for insanity have a lot of benefits for the insane people. Best shoes will give you a chance to look alike normal people and have a conventional time.

On the other hand, by wearing shoes for insanity are adequately protected against any possible injury while being hospitalized or at home.

There is another great aspect of the insanity shoes. The absence of coloring and ornaments on them may give people with insanity another incentive to wear them for a longer time. With the new type of shoes, you can rest reassured that they will walk around using their sneakers since they are not going to be aggravated by the design.

With lots of extra cushioning, they can give you enough protection against sudden impacts on the ground. These are the shoes that make people feel a lot better.

Our Top Picks

Best Shoes For Insanity

1. Reebok Ros Workout Tr 2.0 Cross-trainer Shoe

Top on our list is the Reebok Ros Workout shoe. With this pick, you will not go wrong as you embark on a calorie-burning expedition.

An anatomical design sets you on a path to intense exercise. This deliberate design makes your feet flex in different directions. Together with the hardy mesh structure, you achieve the balance required for dynamic workouts.

To achieve maximum comfort, this brand has a cushioned insole with thick padding. Another unique feature is the injected molded EVA sole that absorbs heavy compression. With this technology, the shoe does not wear off fast.

Additionally, the material used is 100% mesh making it super strong. The bottom features a multi-surface rubber that is well contoured for maximum grip. For customization, you get the shoe in more than 10 colors. Whether you love bright or conservative colors, you will get your type.

Fitting sizes aren’t a problem with this shoe. You get small and large in its series of sizes that range from 6.5 to 15. These sizes meet the needs of 71% of Americans.


  • They are of superior quality
  • Very lightweight
  • They are comfy
  • It is a stable design


  • They are very pricey
  • Fit sizing is not satisfactory

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2. Inov-8 F-Lite 235 Fitness Shoe

This is a nice selection for the energetic woman. The colors do not disappoint the feminine gender. They are super hardy to handle more pounds. So, you should never worry if you weigh 220 pounds or more, this shoe does the magic.

To keep you concentrating during your exercises, they have made it very breathable. Throughout the outer surfaces, there are perforations for efficient air circulation. Exercising requires light shoes, which Inov-8 delivers. The TPU blended with mesh makes the shoe lightweight.

For heavy-duty use, they use hardened midsole EVA material. The outer sole has a 3 mm cleat protrusions that increase the overall traction of the shoe. You will also like the versatility of the shoe. It bends with your feet to different angles that allow you to exercise in more directions.

Burpee protection technology helps feet stay intact within a reasonable space. The bumper prevents external injuries caused by falling items. Its heel is 40% denser than other sports designs. The purpose of this craft is for increased stability.


  • Very stable shoe
  • It is very breathable
  • The shoe is hardy
  • Versatility is unmatched


  • Fit sizing is unsatisfactory at 58%
  • Not waterproof

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3. ASICS Conviction X Cross-Trainer Shoe

Asics is a leader in sports gear manufacturing. They came up with this shoe after researching the needs of insane gamers. From the first impression, you won’t deny that this is a stylish choice. On the sides, a huge Asics logo gives it authenticity.

To make it hardy, they use Rhyno skin leather on the exterior. The leather resists many forms of abrasion and piercing. A sock liner in the inside part makes the shoe highly absorbent. The liner is also suitable for cold weather as it creates warmth.

For stability, the heel isn’t raised too high. The heel measurement ranges from 6 to 10 mm between the fore and the rear area. The shoe meets satisfactory standards on fitting. 84% of Americans find their fitting shoes with Asics. You get them from sizes 7 to 13.

The sole area features soft rubber for comfort. The natural rubber is elastic and long-lasting. Besides, they use an integrated lacing arrangement, which is preferred in the sports world.

Be sure to select this among the best shoes for t25, and you will never regret your decision.


  • Classic design
  • 100% synthetic
  • It is very fitting
  • Materials used are durable


  • Little bit expensive
  • Most materials used are synthetic

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4. New Balance Women’s 711v2 Training Shoe

The New Balance Women’s 711 shoe is a heavy-duty selection in the ladies category. It features a superstructure for feet protection. This pick leads the pack of best shoes for insanity works that each woman should own.

As you know, women love unique and fashionable products. This shoe fits the bill; you get this shoe in more than 10 designs.

An 8mm heel to top elevation makes the shoe quite stable compared to other designs that rise to 10mm. Throughout the base is a rubber sole that assures comfort.

They have blended fabric and synthetic components to make the shoe appealing. With that combination, the shoe is very breathable. For more comfort, the collar and tongue are padded with thick material. On the inside, they also have extra padding.

The shaft measures 2.5 inches from the arch. That clearance makes the shoe more stable and easy to work with during pressure exercises. At the tip, there are multiple grooves with anti-slip qualities. The grooves create high traction when doing lie down exercises like push-ups and press-ups.


  • They are very stylish
  • More comfortable
  • They are affordable
  • Provide extra support


  • Unfortunately, they are not wide
  • A few complaints on sizing

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5. Reebok CROSSFIT Nano 7.0 Cross Trainer

Next on our top 10 is the Reeboks Crossfit. As usual, Reebok never disappoints when it comes to delivering insanity workout shoes. The color variation of these shoes is enchanting. You get them in more than 10 variations; yours is just to pick your favorite.

For high breathability, they used Nano weaves that include thousands of perforations. Despite this style, they are still very hardy. This pair is among the best shoes for p90x.

To fit you well, the sizing range is extended as compared to other shoes. You can pick men’s sizes or women sizing from the chart provided by the manufacturer. All these sizes range from 6.5 to size 14.

A good thing about this shoe is that it is very lightweight. It weighs a miniature 2 pounds, making it attractive to regular sporters. For easy clean, the insole is removable. That saves you the time of having to wash the entire shoemaking it convenient for use at regular exercises.

A weightlifter and a heavy-duty exerciser will love this brand. The shank base supports heavyweight; it is also suitable for people with flat feet as it protects them from overstraining their muscles.


  • It is the best shoes for p90x3 in quality
  • They are stable
  • Easy to clean
  • You get them in many colors


  • This shoe is costly
  • Some users say it is too stiff at the heel area

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6. PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

From Germany, Puma brings you the Women’s Tazon 6 crafted for the elegant woman. You get it in 3 feminine colors, namely Fuchsia, Beetroot purple, and periscope. Puma hasn’t taken chances in the design of the shoe. They use pure leather material to beat their competitors.

At the side of the forefoot, the Puma symbol projects the superiority of this shoe. And to make the shoe comfortable for everyone, they use low-top sole design. The streamline outlook makes it a favorite for athletes and good shoes for p90x. The streamlined structure helps runners move faster by reducing air resistance.

For stability, they incorporated a TPU shank. An EcoOrthoLite sock liner adds to the comfort too. A sock liner also helps to attain the best fit for narrower feet. At only 3 pounds, this ranks top among the best shoes for insanity. With an EVA insole, compression is balanced as you do your exercises.

At the top area, they have dotted perforations for more breathability. They are cleverly positioned at the top so that if you walk through moderately wet areas, water doesn’t get into the shoe.


  • They fit perfectly to narrow feet
  • They are streamlined for mobility
  • The color picks portray elegance
  • Leather material is durable


  • The insole isn’t removable
  • The toe area runs narrow

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7. Nike Free 5.0

Nike Men’s Free 5.0 is a classic among insanity workout shoes in the market. They are suitable for people with wide feet. You get them from sizes 5.5 to 18.

A heavy construction makes it super steady. The mesh covering gives it the much-needed support, which is necessary for heavy-duty exercises. Synthetic overlays, blended with mesh make the shoes highly breathable.

A molded midfoot saddle provides a comfortable footrest. You will also love the comfy interior cushioning that reduces foot strain.

The sole is tough! It is made of synthetic material that is tested to withstand high pressure. Whether you use them for indoor exercises or long-distance running, you will finally realize the benefits of this shoe.

Additional rubber wraps contribute to the comfort of the user’s feet. It provides a flexible play area for the feet while you perform dynamic exercises. Its 2.3 pounds weight favors an athlete. You can cover more distances without experiencing the fatigue of carrying a heavy shoe.

Albeit not having laser beam sensors, it still works with a mixed-wavelength spectrum of electromagnetic radiation.


  • They stand out from the crowd
  • They are good for wide feet
  • You get them in more than 12 color variations
  • The sole is contoured for grip


  • The sole and the upper dislodge soon
  • There are a few complaints about sizing

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8. Nike Metcon 2 Ankle-High Fashion Sneaker

Now to the Nike sneakers for women. It is super lightweight for the active woman. Its weight does not exceed 1.56 pounds.

For better stability, the heel is set very low. This is a suitable feature for doing indoor exercises like squatting, lifting, box jumps, and push-ups. It is one of the best shoes for plyometrics as it soothes your body muscles.

To adapt to intense workouts, they use a durable rubber sole that withstands pressure. And to avoid strains, they incorporated a flywire mid foot tech, which holds the feet in a desirable exercise position.

The frame of this particular shoe is made of tough mesh. At the footbed, it has a sturdy foam blended with thick cushioning. You will love the comfort of this construction. The sole is anti-slip. It has deep contours that hold the shoe in place, even on slippery surfaces.

Sizing is no problem for this woman’s shoe. You get it from size 5 to 12, which is comfortable for most women. There is no doubt that this is one of the best sneakers for insanity workout. Women who know the importance of fitness never flinch when buying this shoe.


  • Very lightweight
  • It is well treaded for grip
  • Rubber sole and mesh is durable
  • It comes in feminine color choices


  • Not compliant with work safety standards
  • Too spacey for people with narrow feet

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9. Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainer

The second last on our recommended cross-training shoes is the Adidas Men’s Freak X Carbon Mid Cross Trainer. Sizing is the only shortcoming for this shoe. They come in smaller sizes ranging sizes 4 to 8. This means that anyone with bigger feet will not be able to use this shoe.

Another outstanding characteristic of this shoe is that it is very lightweight. The components used include mesh and synthetic overlays that weigh way less than leather.

Despite being made from synthetic material, the quality is above board. At the footbed, they use EVA sole, which withstands heavy compressions.

However, the shoe does not support heavyweight use because the outer structure isn’t too firm. But the good thing is that it is very comfy. The interior is padded with heavy cushion to protect your feet. A well-contoured rubber sole provides grip for the shoe. The rubber used is hardy and will last long.


  • The sole is contoured for high grip
  • It is very durable
  • Front grooves make it safe
  • Breathable and lightweight


  • The colors used are too conservative
  • Some buyers have complained that they are narrow

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10. Brooks Launch 5

Among the best shoes for insanity is this simplest and elegant design. The Brooks Launch 5 is a breathable choice because its construction blends mesh and fabric. It is very sturdy as well.

The interior part has padded cushioning, which makes it comfy. Within the shoe is a plush transition zone that encourages forward motion. This feature is useful when hitting the road with a treadmill.

A 10 mm midsole drop makes it stable. Beneath the shoe is a carefully constructed tread design that provides greater traction. Fitting is never an issue with this shoe. You can choose any size from 6 to size 12. The collar and tongue are also padded for extra comfort.

To check on customer preferences, the shoe comes in 10 different color variations. The toe box is bigger for protection. It has a hardy bumper that eases the pressure at the area surrounding the toes.


  • It has a bigger toe area
  • Fitting is satisfactory
  • It is flexible
  • Low heels make it comfortable.


  • The heel is higher

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Criteria To Use in Buying The Best Insanity Shoes

Since there are a wide variety of insanity shoes in the market, it is appropriate for one to know some of the essential things to look for whenever they are shopping for the best shoes for insanity. Here are the consideration you need to put in mind.


As you will always be on the move, flexibility is a major requirement that you need to prioritize whenever you are shopping for the best pair. Ensure the pair of insanity shoes you are about to purchase have enough space on the inside. This will allow free movement without causing any injury to your feet.


Since you will always be on the move, there is a high chance your body will always have sweated. It is therefore important that you go for shoes with excellent ventilation as it will help in reducing the sweat amount inside your pair of shoes.

Outer Sole

The insanity shoes and cross training shoes has lots of resemblance on the outer sole. When shopping for the best pair, you need to ensure the outer sole is soft to enable you to walk without any problem. Going for shoes with a soft outer sole ensures you enjoy a great level of comfort.


Shoe weight is an important consideration which should never be ignored. As you will be moving frequently, you need to ensure the shoes are lightweight so that you are not slowed down. Going for lightweight shoes ensures that you are not slowed down.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What kind of shoes should I wear for insanity?

There are several types of insanity shoes currently available in the market. However, you should ensure the shoes you go for are made using high quality materials that make them long-lasting and durable. Ensure the shoes are also well cushioned for great comfort. Go for shoes which you can afford and of design that are preferable to you.

Q. What are the best shoes for p90x?

It is important that you get the best p90x shoes in the market. Here are the top three best p90x shoes currently available in the market are: Women and Men Gel Craze ASICS, WX40V1 New Balance Cross Trainers, CrossFit Reebok TR speed shoes.

Q. Can I wear running shoes shoes for p90x3?

The p90x3 running shoes are made to enable propel one forward and not from one side to another. Wearing running shoes when you are performing workouts on p90x3 will in the long term lead to an injury. It can make it a bit complex for you to carry out the routines.

For instance, the best p90x3 shoes together with other workout shoes for beach body are court shoes.

Q. What shoes are good for T25 workouts?

There are several types of shoes which are considered to be best for T25 exercises. Below are the top best T25 shoes that will help make your work easer.

234 Invov-8 Cross Training shoes, Metcon Nike 4 Shoes, Nano Crossfit Reebok shoes, Minimus 20v7 New Balance, X cross Met Conviction ASICS

List of 10 Best Shoes for Plyometrics, T25, P90X3


Here comes a wrap to our discussion on the best shoes for insanity. The ball is now on your court. Decipher the details of each shoe and single out your favorite. This is a head start, but the ultimate choice is yours. The good thing is that this review provides a benchmark on what to look out for before buying a shoe.

Watch out for things like comfort, versatility, weight, color choices, and prices of the shoes. There is nothing as exciting as having the best shoes for insanity workout, which is a refreshing experience.

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