10 Best Shoes for High Arches – Review and Buying Guide

Best Shoes for High Arches

Running and walking are challenges for those who have high arches in feet. Normal shoes do not fit for them. As a regular runner, I faced this problem. but I have overcome this problem with the help of some special shoes.

Undoubtedly high arches are an obstacle. As a runner, you have to buy suitable shoes for your arches. But nowadays it is not a matter of worry. If you looking for the best shoes for high arches, this review will help you to select a perfect pair of shoes.

What is High Arch?

Your foot arches are slightly curved between your heel and the bottom of your foot. It is also known as cavus. Those who have high arches, they have to face a range of problems.

Generally, medical treatment is not necessary for your high arches. You can use the orthotic device, footpad, and night splint. But the most helpful way is to use high arches fit shoes.

At present many people use these shoes. They can remove their pain. They can now run and walk easily with the help of these kinds of shoes. So you can also overcome your problem. Just be with us, we are with you.

Top Picks

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe
Brooks Ghost 11 Ebony/Oyster/Wild Aster 6 B (M)
Propét Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker
New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe
Brooks Ghost 11 Ebony/Oyster/Wild Aster 6 B (M)
Propét Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker
2,319 Reviews
1 Reviews
2,136 Reviews
New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe
New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe
2,319 Reviews
Brooks Ghost 11 Ebony/Oyster/Wild Aster 6 B (M)
Brooks Ghost 11 Ebony/Oyster/Wild Aster 6 B (M)
1 Reviews
Propét Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker
Propét Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker
2,136 Reviews

Best Shoes for High Arches

And here is a list of the best shoes which are suitable for your high arches.

1. Asics Gel-Venture 6 Sneakers

This is one of the best running shoes for high arches. By using these shoes many people reduce their pain. This product is actually produced for high arches.

Over the years this product satisfies the requirement of the user. These shoes are redesigned with a trail-specific outsole and high-abrasion rubber for high traction. Gel cushioning is a rare one that absorbs shocks to keep you comfortable.

To accommodate a medical orthotic removable sock liner can be removed. For exceptional durability, the trail-specific outsole is designed.

You will not feel a little pressure on your toe while walking which is so helpful for your high arches.


  • Rearfoot Gel cushioning.
  • Removable sock liner.
  • Superior comfort.
  • Trail specific outsole.


  • A little bit heavy for someone.

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2. Brooks Ghost 11

If you want to relieve the pain from high arches, we have some good suggestions for you. You can choose Brooks Ghost 11 for a better result for your high arches.

This shoe is the upgrade quality of Ghost 10. The high energizing cushioning system is included here. Upper mesh provides breathability. It has also lightweight overlays with a plush tongue and collar. Removable foam sole gives extra comfort. Soft blown rubber forefoot material provides light cushioning and a good grip.

BioMoGo DNA has an earth-friendly and gender-friendly cushioning design for a dynamic ride. For natural movement and fluidity, Omega flex grooves are attached.

Actually, they are very light, comfortable and have a great spring/bounce in them. Many users like them because they have come back on track for the help of these shoes. Normally many women use them as best women’s shoes for high arches.


  • Natural movement and fluidity
  • Earth-friendly and gender-friendly cushioning.
  • Comfortable bounce in them.
  • Removable foam sole.


  • Toe-guard little small for oversize feet.

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3. New Balance MW877 Walking Shoe

If you are a genuine walker it is important to buy a shoe designed and patterned specifically for walking. New Balance MW877 is the perfect shoe if you would like to go for a long run on the road. The shoes have some extra quality that helps people to run well.

They have athletic design and heritage-influenced good looking appearance. The upper mesh with ABZORB midsole helps you stabilize your foot and you can be confident while running. These shoes can meet your expectations.

You can wear them strictly for my daily walk as well as the best fitting shoes for high arches. These shoes are also fit for wide feet.


  • Athletic design.
  • Heritage influenced good looking appearance.
  • Reachable price.
  • The suitable midsole for your feet.


  • Toe area little narrow.

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4. OLUKAI Ohana

Everybody has to maintain his or her household duties. But for doing well or comfortably you need good quality sandals to wear at home. Olukai Women’s Ohana may be the right one.

You can get a lot of benefits from it and you can relieve your arch pain too. These best sandals for high arches are suitable for your whole family.

Probably these sandals are water-resistant, quick-drying and usable for multi-purpose. They are the part of Makai collection. For added protection, it has Jersey knit lining and neoprene foam backer with soft nylon toe. Eva midsole enhances more comfort and stability.

So for better results and normal use you can buy these sandals undoubtedly.


  • 100% synthetic sole.
  • Water-resistant and multipurpose.
  • Neoprene foam backer for extra protection.
  • EVA midsole for comfort.


  • Little size is not available.

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5. Orthofeet Pain Relief Arch Support Orthopedic Sneakers

For your high arches, lower back pain of your feet and joint pain of your leg, I honestly suggest you buy Men’s Strap Monterey Bay. It is too much helpful for your arthritis feet pain.

The tie-less lacing system is very helpful for an adjustable hook and loop strap. These shoes give your feet irritation-free comfort because they have extra foam padding. They have a mesh upper, polyester upper lining. Moreover, they are designed with EVA foam insole and midsole, rubber outsole.

Innovative Ortho-Cushion system enhances unique comfort features. The contoured orthotic insole gives you anatomical arch support. Reducing pressure under the heel it adds spring to your step. And they also help alleviate heel pain and plantar fasciitis. These shoes help millions of users for improvement in walking and enrich comfort from heel to toe. Considering all the things you can use these shoes as the best running shoes for high arches.


  • Adjustable hook and look.
  • Extra foam provides your feet irritation-free.
  • EVA foam insole and midsole
  • Air pocket system under the heel.


  • A little high priced.

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6. Saucony Echelon LE2 Walking Shoe

Saucony Echelon LE2 is a great choice for those whose arches are high. These shoes are good at regular walking and they are also fit for road conditions. Various colors and attractive designs are available. For the best walking shoes for high arches, these shoes boast for its maximum support and comfort. The high-quality sole provides the advantage of any kind of athlete and sport.

Saucony brand has advanced technologies-like Grid, sole based stability and its cushioning system provide the advantage to all types of athletes. At first to say they are made from super-plush and Garment full-grain leather.

The power Grid cushioning system provides maximum support and comfort. The 8mm heel-to-toe system provides natural movement and a stable balanced platform. It is flexible, comfortable to the fact that it adjusts to every foot.


  • Power Grid cushioning system.
  • Orthotic friendly.
  • Stable balanced platform.
  • Very soft and comfy


  • A little high priced.

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7. Altra Torin 2.0 Running Shoe

Altra Torin 2.0 Running shoe can give you enough relaxation through your activities. You will feel very comfortable using these shoes.

These shoes are designed with a dynamic cushioning system and a natural-running inspired design. Altra Zero Drop offers new natural running and it helps you build your running up to regular mileage. These shoes are ideal for road running.

Wearing these shoes you can feel, you are barefooted. These are designed for road running, core training, walking, and other fitness activities. These shoes have a quick-drying air mesh upper, toe splay, and natural durability. Lightweight synthetic overlays is another good quality for the shoe.

You can get foot shape ™ toe box to run naturally. Finally, foot pod ™ midsole and outsole help the foot’s bones and tendons, boosting pliability. So I highly suggest you buy one of these shoes for your betterment of high arches.


  • 100% synthetic.
  • Foot shape ™ toe box.
  • Quick-drying mesh.
  • Rubber sole.


  • Toe box a little wide.

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8. Propét LifeWalker Strap Walking Shoe

Propet men’s life walker shoe is perfect perfect pair for walking shoes for high arches. A huge number of users are liked that Propet men’s life walking shoes are so comfortable for a long period of walking as well as helpful for leg, high arches and back pain.

The portable upper offers more breathability while running. These shoes have extra comfort in their design. These shoes have enough room for your foot’s movement freely while walking. They can give you complete protection.

The strap closure is so easy and helps you to put it on and off quickly when necessary. You can easily clean it. A lot of users commented that the arch support of it has stability.


  • 100% leather for comfort.
  • Comfortable for long periods of time walking.
  • Good traction on the smooth surface.
  • Reasonable price.


  • The tongue is a little narrow.

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9. Hoka One One Bondi 5 Running Shoe

Hoka Bondi running shoes are good for high arches in such a way that it has its construction quality is customized and modernized for those who are in the problem of high arches.

The air mesh upper offer air to the shoe, make it cool, dryer, and more pleasant forever. The comfort collar reduces the rubbing against the collar and reduces blisters. The lightweight construction cushion supports the footwell.

The air mesh with a no-sew overlay structure is an extra quality for the shoe. It provides users with the necessary support without irritation.

The softer, lightly padded tongue with the upper provides extra protection too. TPU External Heel Counter locks save you from an effective accident. CMEVA midsole secure protection and stability.

The outsole designed with H-shape increases dynamic stability increases the facilities of a wide midfoot platform for maximum stability. Hoka shoes also provide a movable motion for natural, strong, and effortless running.


  • Very comfortable to use.
  • Rubber sole
  • Lyrica comfort frame
  • Durability


  • Little high price.

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10. Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe

Go walk 3 is a good type of shoes. You can easily use these shoes. They have 100% mesh with good imported quality. Heels are suitably measured 1.5inch.

The upper is woven textiles with tonal stitching. They are lightweight and usable anywhere. Pull loop at the heel is good for high arches which are designed “S” logo. The Goga mat insole is well-cushioned.

If you have knee pain and back pain or like other leg problems then this one will definitely help you. Wearing these shoes you can walk a longer period of time without any trouble and tirelessly.

You can maintain your office and other activities also. They are better for the morning walk too. So for your betterment of your problem you can use these shoes undoubtedly.


  • 100% mesh.
  • Comfortable and helpful.
  • Useful for tireless walking
  • Goga mat insole


  • The color is not available.

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Criteria To Help You Identify Top Best Shoes for High Arches

Despite the high variety of shoes for high arches in the market, it is today easy to identify the best shoes for high arches when you consider the following factors.

Arch Support

Arch support is an essential factor that you need to put in mind when shopping for the best shoes in the market. Shoes with arch support will ensure you have great support on the cavity of the arch. It will also help in distributing pressure and stress whenever you are running or walking.


The breathability of the shoes is of great importance. It can be in the form of materials used in making the shoes that will help ensure the great flow of air. Great breathability on shoes can be made using layers comprising of mesh together with materials of excellent breathability.


In case you will be using shoes having high arched foot, you will have to be very comfortable. However, the comfort level will be determined by the cushion and midsoles on shoes. The cushion needs to be soft to offer you great comfort. You will have to go for shoes that are well cushioned.


You need to be very stable. This means you need shoes that will offer you great stability. Stability is critical and it can be made available by great cushioning on the midsole and good support. It is important for people with mild foot conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have high arches in my feet?

High arches on the feet are usually caused by the neurological conditions and other disorders like polio, stroke, cerebral palsy and spina bifida. There are other situations where the high arch can be caused by a structural abnormality that is inherited.

Q. What shoes are best for high arched feet?

There are different types of shoes for high arched feet in the market. It is not that easy to identify which are the best in the market and most first time buyers face a difficult time.

In case high arches was inherited, there are high chances that extra arch support inside the shoes are what you require to enable you to handle any pain that you might be feeling. Supports are known to help relieve foot strain and pressure by ensuring the body weight is well distributed on the feet.

Q. What walking shoes are best for high arches?

There are a wide variety of top shoes for high arches. Some of the top best currently available in the market include: Men’s Nike Monarch Air, Men’s Brooks Addiction Walker, Men’s Saucony Grid Omni, Men’s Vionic Bowery Bruno, Men’s MW840 New Balance

Q. What sneakers are good for high arches?

If you have high arches it means that a very small part of your feet will be in contact with the surface whenever you are running or walking. This will offer you less absorption of shock. Here are the top best sneakers: Classics New balance, Casual Vionic Codie, Women’s ASCICS Fuzex, Rothy’s Sneakers

10 Best Shoes for High Arch Support


In final it can be said that the shoes here are recommended are undoubtedly the best shoes for high arches. You can get not only comfort but also durable. Prices are reachable. All shoes are designed and constructed especially for high arches.

But you can use them for your normal use also such as walking, running, and exercising. Only these shoes can give you several ways to solve your problem as well as other issues.

So if you have a problem like high arches, back pain, and knee pain, you can buy these shoes and use them. A lot of users recommended that they are really helpful for your problem. At last, I suggest you that you must use these shoes and hope your problem will get well soon.

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