10 Best Shoes For Doctors – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Shoes For Doctors

Why do you think we consider these doctors’ shoes to be unique? If you ever worked as a doctor, then you will know what comfort means to physicians’ shoes. They go through stress and pain of standing whole day long, being called here and there to save a life.

Finding the best shoes for doctors is not a rocket science thing, you can buy online or a retail shop that specializes in medical equipment. As a doctor, you should go for shoes that match your area of occupation, those that will protect from work exposures, comfort, and without compromising durability for this matter.

What Should You Look For In The Best Shoes For Doctors?

Highlighted below are things you should look for in a shoe recommendable shoe for a doctor.

Watertight or Water Resistance: Since in the line of service, you may get into contact with fluids and liquids on the floor, some from patients with bladder problems and more, your shoes need to be water-resistant. Waterproof boots will protect you from waterborne pathogens and also are easy to clean.

Insole Comfort: The best boots for the doctor should be soft and cushioned adequately to enhance comfortability. Shoes that you can remover quickly and with removable insole for aeration are ideal.

Breathable and Lightweight: Lightweight shoes will allow you to move swiftly without getting tired. Also, breathability matters in that they will enable you to stay fit, dry without foul smell build up.

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Benefits Of Best Doctors Shoe

Ideal shoes for doctors have various advantages as explained below

  1. They protect a doctor from contacting foot diseases. Yes, a waterproof shoe will protect the wearer from waterborne disease hence have a good health benefit.
  2. Provide sufficient ventilation. With the best shoe, you do not have to worry about the aeration. Shoes that will not allow proper aeration to doctor will lead to foot having bad smell and hence discomfort to you as a doctor.
  3. No fatigue, no discomfort. The best shoes for doctors to wear must be lightweight to protect you from getting tired as you walk or run from ward to another to save a life. Similarly, if the shoes are not well-cushioned, there is no comfort while wearing them.

Features Of Ideal Shoe For Doctors

There are characteristics that best shoes for doctors should have, not the cost or the brands. Just check the below features to be sure the shoes you are buying are of good quality.

Flexible or adjustable. You should buy shoes that you can adjust the laces to fit your foot

Firm. The shoe for the doctor should be stable enough to provide enough support on the heel. They should hold the heel firmly preventing both vertical and horizontal movement.

Spacious .as a doctor; you should go for shoes that are roomy enough to accommodate your feet both width and depth, such that maximum stretch whichever side is one-centimeter maximum.

10 Best Shoes For Doctors

1. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

Marell is among the most elegant shoes for men and especially doctor’s that are made of leather. It is a shoe that features slip-on design to offer maximum comfort for wearers on their daily activities. Doctors need such a shoe to be able to work without discomfort that would interfere with their daily life-saving tasks.

They are the great stable shoe that not only in the hospital duties can you use them but can also be used for walking backyard, hiking, and even running.

Merell further offers a comfortable slip-on design that makes footbed removable. They have sufficient cushioning that will not allow any pressure on your feet while wearing them. Such a shoe not only made for support but when on them, there is no odor or foul smell due to the antimicrobial features. Gust also has long-lasting Encore rubber material on the outsole with a cool tread pattern for stability and a strong shock-absorbing midsole.


  • They are comfortable
  • Features slip-on design
  • Sufficient room for toe
  • Long-lasting
  • Offers sufficient arch support


  • Costly
  • Narrow width

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2. Dansko Women’s Patti Clog

Are you a doctor who is also a fitness enthusiast? Perhaps you have been through a lot and wondering where you can get sports footwear that would serve your professional as well as using them for running to fit. If this describes your quest, then give up, for patty from the Dansko brand has designed a perfect shoe that can save you from all worries.

Patti are suitable for outdoor featuring perfect orthotic, comfy footbed, slip-on feature, has a leather lining, and much more.

Despite the triple-density footbed, they are still lightweight sneakers that you can use for outdoor activities without fear of slip risk. There are various reasons for buying these sneakers as a doctor, comfort, sturdiness, or stability is not the only drive that could make you want these sneakers, but they are also a stylish outdoor companion. Luckily, this shoe is one of the best shoes for doctors that can help to stay more comfortable all day long.


  • Offer arch support and shock absorption
  • Triple density footbed feature
  • Features slip-resistant rubber outsole
  • The outsole offers ideal comfort and traction
  • Removable footbed


  • A bit expensive
  • Limited color variety

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3. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex

If you are looking for top comfort shoe that features a slip-on, slip resistance, well stitched among other technologies, then relaxed Fit has your back.this kind of sketcher is one ideal that is not only electrically safe when walking during stormy rain but also features both slip resistance traction on the outsole and memory foam insole for top comfort.

When you have a closer look, you will find that on the upper part of the sneakers, it has mesh support for sufficient breathability with elastic fabric panels on the side for perfect slip-on design. All these features make Relaxed Fit sneakers the best choice for doctors.

It has FlexSole that makes it lightweight hence great for physicians working on a busy line of duty and wants to have a comfortable work without disturbance that would in any way affect the performance.


  • Slip resistance outsole for top traction
  • Lightweight midsole for shock-absorbing
  • Fully cushioned insole
  • Super stitched for aeration
  • Durable synthetic upper design


  • Pricey
  • Looks more casual than a professional tool for doctors

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4. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog

What makes Dansko mule the most sought after footwear? Dansko is a very famous brand that has been making special comfort nursing shoes that works in all weather for years. This shoe has a leather covering which protects them from flake or crack. They are always shiny, easy to wipe, and clean. They are further made wide to give enough room for your foot to fit without adding pressure on your feet.

They have a rocker bottom that enhances stability, absorbs shock hence protecting a nurse from any external harm .they have raised heel that makes the user comfortable and highly supported. If you are a doctor and want to have shoes that will help you work comfortably and safely from waterborne diseases that may hurt while at work, then go Dansko mule.

As a doctor or nurse, you wouldn’t want to have shoes that can not provide firm support on the ground, and you need shoes with proper traction to protect you from slippering accidentally.


  • Proper traction
  • Firm support
  • Top-quality long-lasting leather
  • Easy to wipe and clean to get a total glow
  • Easy to slip on


  • They are expensive
  • The exterior enamel cracks easily.

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5. Birkenstock Men’s Clogs

This shoe is one of the most comfortable shoes for doctors that every male doctor, from surgeon to a simple nurse should have. It is men’s favorite because of the make, Birkenstock designed it using top quality leather and other materials to offer perfect comfort to the user.

Birkenstock Boston comes in various colors and upper designs. most of them are made of smooth leather, suede, oiled leather, nubuck, etc. and have only two non-leather clone alternatives, and they include birkibuc and birkoflor.

They feature anatomical latex and cork footbed, design discovered by birkestock. Besides, they have flexible, durable, and lightweight outsole with EVA design. If you buy this shoe for the first time, it will make you want more of it, perhaps different colors and designs like oiled and smooth types. The boots have sufficient cushioning and feel good on the inside. It is open on the back to allow proper ventilation and protect the user from bad smell.


  • Cleaning is easy
  • Smooth, durable leather design
  • Available variety of designs and colors
  • Sufficient cushions
  • Lightweight EVA on the outsole


  • They have wide designs only
  • They are expensive over $100

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6. OOFOS Unisex OOCloog – Arch Support & Impact Absorbing

Have you heard about these clogs for an active lifestyle? Well, if it is the first time you hear about this machine washable clogs for all activities, you are still not behind the fashion. To be precise, OOFOS clogs are designed to be worn by any person, especially a doctor. They have aesthetic conditions that make them easy to clean, lightweight, comfort shoes, sports shoes for running and stable with proper traction, etc.

The reason they have the recovery name is that they fit and feature mostly in the recovery centers worn by the nurses’ caregivers in the rehab and other doctors because they are very comfortable to wear yet cost-friendly. They are available in many colors; hence you can use them with any outfit.


  • Lightweight, in fact, they are floaters.
  • They are machine washable.
  • Cushioned for comfort
  • They are durable and resists moistures
  • Allows motion naturally
  • They reduce stress on your feet, ankle or toes


  • They match poorly with leggings
  • Some say they look clunky and ugly

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7. Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-ON II-M

A journey of finding ideal shoes for nurses and particularly men can be a challenging task, right? Well, KEEN UTILITY, men’s shoe is a proven perfect shoe for nurses that meets all the requirements and qualities a nurse would be looking for in a shoe.

The KEEN brand has designed this super footwear with slip-on features for smooth sliding in and off your feet anytime to let your feet breath free. They are made of top quality leather, with sufficiently cushioned rubber sole.

Memory foam inserts further enhance their comfort; these shoes have slip resistance design and enough traction to work with the various environment, including wet areas. What makes the leather upper part best, is that just by wiping the shoe shines. It is encouraging for any nurse to have this supportive shoe that has all the qualities above, and additionally, shoes are durable, breathable, yet cost-effective.


  • Slip resistance soles
  • Has memory foam inserts that boost comfort
  • They are waterproof
  • Made of durable leather
  • Has slip-on technology


  • Width is wide hence a little loose
  • Only has one color; black

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8. CALZURO Autoclavable Clog with Upper Ventilation

Calzuro clogs are here … these shoes have transformed a nursing life into a safe haven! Calzuro brand has achieved a lot in producing these best shoes for doctors that are a perfect fit and easy tool for the feet. They have ended the agony the professionals go through running here and there trying to save alife and wearing a pressure exerting footwear that leaves them with sores on their feet.

No more pain as this Italian made footwear comes with desirable features a nurse would want. They have slip resistance design on the outsole and excellent traction to protect the user from the dangers of walking or running on slippery or wet floors. Not only that, these shoes have many elegant colors to choose from, but they are made breathable with perforation on the upper to prevent odors. They are durable yet pocket-friendly shoes.


  • Ventilated upper to boost breathability
  • Durability is guaranteed
  • They are lightweight
  • Ideal for plantar, Achilles tendonitis, or fasciitis sufferers.
  • Easy to sanitize and clean


  • The upper part is tight
  • Perforations make them look poor quality

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9. Sketchers Trickel- Sure Track Work Relaxed Women’s Fit

Sketchers Sure Track Trickle is the modern world’s most comfortable shoes that have gain popularity recently. These kinds of shoes are rare to find; they are ever fit and convenient to the users. According to the reviews by most users, most nurses are thankful that the brand has designed these best shoes for female doctors that has combined all the latest technological features. Firstly it has excellent traction and anti-slip capability that makes them fit to work even in wet areas.

The Relaxed Fit design offers a comfortable fit and roomy with perforations on the upper to allow cooling effect even in hot conditions. They are made lightweight, with the shock-absorbing midsole and elegant collar padded tongue.it features memory foam footbed, and outsole rubber is designed electrical risk safe.


  • Spacious for a comfortable fit
  • They are designed electrical danger safe
  • Very lightweight
  • The upper is of smooth leather material
  • They have antislip and sufficient traction
  • The insole is fully cushioned for comfort


  • Minimal number of color variety
  • There is some complaint about the wider width

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10. Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On

Feet protective Timberland Pro is a fit shoe for women, especially those who are working in the medical sector. These shoes are elegant, with features that would buy anyone’s instinct to purchase them. If really want the best shoes for doctors, Renova is the right footwear for you. The shoe is made of full-grain leather on the upper part featuring 3M Scotchguard that makes it stain resistance.

The slip-on technology and easy stretching and movement of the foot make it a home of comfort. The triple-density footbed makes the interior look smooth and to offer your feet arch support all the time. Timberland Renova further has durable yet ant- fatigue technology that absorbs shock as you walk.


  • Sufficient traction
  • Comfort on the toes, no pressure
  • Ant fatigue technology
  • Durable leather upper design
  • Stain-resistant


  • Non-removable insole
  • No assortment of colors or styles

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Factors To Put Int Consideration Before Shoes For Doctors

In the text below, we are discussing the criteria both newbie or veteran buyer should consider before buying the best shoes for doctors.


Doctors should buy lightweight shoes that will not tire them when they stand for long, attending to the patient, or giving advice. Hence they will have tolerance and patient to offer sufficient services.


Doctors need proper shoes with a comfortable footbed that will protect the wearer from the flip-flop. Ideal shoes must have ant microbial lining that will add on stability while the nurse or doctor attends to the client.


Doctor before buying must consider shoes that have slip resistance are not safe for doctors. If the outsole does not have proper traction, are very dangerous cause the doctor may step on blood while in the service room, and when he falls, more problems may be consequent.

Ventilations for Breathability

Purchase a shoe that is ventilated or has well-set breathing gaps is more healthy safe than airtight one. In some boots, make the upper part is perforated to allow breathing of the feet. If your feet cannot breathe well, that can lead to bad odor and other microbial diseases.

Comfort and Support

You should buy shoes that have enough cushioning to allow excellent ease while wearing, and this prevents excess fatigue from the person wearing. The shoes for doctor needs to have shoes that make them feel comfortable and supported while wearing. Similarly, the shoes need to be stable and firmly hold the feet.

Questions That Frequently Asked By Customers

Q. What makes the different Between Shoes For Men Doctors And Women Doctors

Ther is no significant difference as such cause most of the shoes for doctors are unisex. What matters most to women doctors is the color variety. However, for women, it is prudent to choose narrow shoe features because most lady feet are narrow while men have wide feet.

Q. Which Is The Ideal Upper Material For Doctors’ Shoes?

Doctors need to have shoes with well ventilated upper part to allow breathability. Some best upper material includes; Suede, synthetic leather, polypropylene, patent leather, and others.

Q. What Makes The Nurses And Doctors Wear Clogs Mostly?

The reason why clogs are the most popular with doctors and nurses is that they offer comfort and cushioning enough for the doctors who mostly spend many hours standing and moving swiftly as they save a life. Clogs protect them from back pains, ankle pains, foot pains, etc.

10 Comfortable Shoes for Doctors


You should go for the best shoes for doctors if you want to have a comfortable life as a doctor. The shoes you wear should look good to feel stable on your feet, so to work under minimum incidences that would slow or hurt the life-saving system. The shoes described above will help you work diligently and safely from slippages and protect you from diseases as a resort of filthy conditions.

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