10 Best Shoes for Broken Toe Reviews

Best Shoes for Broken Toe

There is nothing else more painful than suffering from a broken toe. This type of common injury may occur every age of people. Then the best shoes for broken toe will be helpful for giving room to the forefoot and give more flexibility to the toe fingers. It will be fine if you can invest in the right shoes.

Here, In this article, we will discuss what can cause broken toe, the benefit of specially designed broken toe shoes including 10 best-broken toe shoe reviews.

Broken Toe Definition and Facts

A broken toe is that the phrase designates. It happens when the toe bone is fractured due to a direct impact with the ground or another stable object. It usually happens when people are walking or running barefoot. But sometimes it can occur even if you are wearing the wrong type of shoes in the wrong place.

We have to mention that a broken toe can easily heal with the right treatment that involves a lot of rest of few weeks only when you are wearing the correct type of shoes.

What Are the Causes of the Broken Toe?

A broken toe is usually provoked by external reasons. It is an absolute accident that may happen primarily due to mild or severe impact with stable or moving objects. It can cause by dropping a heavy object and receiving much pressure on a toe.

This creates the well-known fracture that is characterized by bruising and swollen tissues in the area of the toe finger as well as acute feelings of pain in any movement. There is no chance you can move your broken toe without screaming out of pain.

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Why You Need a Good Pair of Broken Toe Shoes?

Broken toe shoes are the key to your recovery. One best pair of shoes can provide more cushioning to the footbed and give you the time to heal up quicker. In addition, some shoes feature a roomier forefoot area that is flexible at the same time.

Shoes will give you the chance to forget about your pain and start walking as you did before the accident.

Not to mention that the right type of shoes is giving you back your stylish appearance that is usually absent in persons suffering from a broken toe.

Benefits of the Broken Toe Shoes

There are many benefits to wearing shoes for broken toes. These are primarily focused on the healing process as well as the comfort for the suffering user :

  • Ease in putting on and off your shoes with no pain
  • You can spend more time walking and rehabilitating your toe finger
  • Not much pressure is exerted on the toe finger and can heal up faster
  • The outsole of broken toe shoes is ani-skid to let you walk on slippery terrains
  • Softer upper mesh and tongue can offer you better movement

Our Top Picks

Birkenstock Men's Milano SFB Sandals, Amalfi Brown, 6 Medium...
Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe, Navy/Lilac, 5 M US
Fila Men's Transition Athletic Sandal
Birkenstock Men's Milano SFB Sandals, Amalfi Brown, 6 Medium...
Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe, Navy/Lilac, 5 M US
Fila Men's Transition Athletic Sandal
369 Reviews
2,637 Reviews
478 Reviews
Birkenstock Men's Milano SFB Sandals, Amalfi Brown, 6 Medium...
Birkenstock Men's Milano SFB Sandals, Amalfi Brown, 6 Medium...
369 Reviews
Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe, Navy/Lilac, 5 M US
Ryka Women's Sky Walk Walking Shoe, Navy/Lilac, 5 M US
2,637 Reviews
Fila Men's Transition Athletic Sandal
Fila Men's Transition Athletic Sandal
478 Reviews

10 Best Shoes for Broken Toe

1. Birkenstock Milano Unisex Leather Sandal for Problem Feet

Milano slingback sandal features as the best shoes toe broken toe for some genuine reasons; one is that this kind of footwear will deliver ideal comfort anyone would want especially if you have a broken toe.

It has a latex footbed that holds your feet comfortable without letting them have the unnecessary movement that would cause more pain in the hurt region, and the right thing with them they distribute your body weight evenly. They have adjustable straps that help you control how firm you should fit you hence more security for your heel.


  • The adjustable strap provides powerful shock absorption
  • Stylish casual wear
  • They are open hence breathability is utmost
  • Has cork footbed
  • Has suede outer lining


  • Has stiff leather strap that needs a break-in
  • Sizes are not friendly consumer complains of being narrow or too wide

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2. Clarks Women’s Arla Jacory Wedge Sandal for Broken Toe

Clark wedge is a comfy shoe that will guarantee your toe safety and raised all the time. They are made of the double strap at the top to hold firm your heel without no compromising your hurt area. The fabric making this ideal sandal is stretchy enough to ensure that they do not exert any pressure whatsoever on your upper or ankle.

These sandals are not only for the sick or those with a broken foot or hurt heal no, but they are also perfect for any person who wants to experience their comfort. They can be worn for any occasion since they are versatile, stylish, and features various color for the user to choose.


  • Versatile for any occasion
  • Best for broken toe recovery
  • Has double strap top adjustability
  • Has rigid sole that keeps your toe raised
  • They are antislip for safety


  • Little protection from dirt
  • Straps can lead to abrasions hence risking sores or diabetic

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3. Fila Men’s Transition Athletic Sandals for Broken Toe

Apart from being one of the most famous walking shoe for broken toe, FILA sandal can be worn just for luxury, because of the adjustable upper and back straps. They have many followers across the globe. They are currently among the top-selling shoes available in many retail shops today. Their fame is not an overrated thing, no, they have raised toe and stiff sole that prevent the wearer’s toe from bending.

The cushioning on the FILA midsole makes them ideal sock absorbing sandals. Fila is a well known and respected brand that based on top-quality production. They retail at very affordable prices and are available in both espresso and black.


  • Cushioned to enhance comfortability
  • Perfect shock absorbers
  • Stiff sole to protect the toe against bending.
  • Has an adjustable upper and back strap
  • They are accessible and affordable


  • Can cause ankle abrasion
  • Available in two colors only black and espresso

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4. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Shoes for Broken Toe

Have you had a broken foot and now looking for the best shoes for broken foot recovery? Look nowhere else, Dansko XP shoes are the best to serve the purpose. They are recommended shoes that are tested and proved to be best for people who had earlier heel ankle or foot fracture and want to recover fast. These shoes are made of elegant synthetic leather and sole platform that is raised to around 0.75 inches.

Their designs can adopt custom orthoses and allows your heel to move up or down hence providing lateral stability. Apart from being strain resistance shoes, they also have double density synthetic leather sole. These shoes are most people’s favorite for various reasons, not forgetting their memory foam technology that provides cushioning and support.


  • Fit for custom or standard orthoses inserts
  • Offers lateral stability
  • Features removable synthetic leather insole
  • Cushioned for support
  • Shiny stain resistance 3M Scotchgard protector


  • Not well ventilated
  • Not appropriate for a swollen toe

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5. Dansko Men’s Professional Clog for Broken Toe

Dansko brand is an award-winning brand that has been among the market leaders for years now. While you may choose Dansko professional as ideal shoes to wear with broken toe, or for other reasons, they are not a safe haven for those with a swollen toe.

These shoes can meet your requirements in terms of quality, durability, and more. They offer arch support to your heel, inside is well cushioned to provide exceptional support and comfort.

Around the toe area is padded with a cushion feature for shock absorption. Further Dansko clogs shife rigid sole that allows upward curving for your shoe. What makes this shoe ideal for durability in that the material making is 100% genuine leather.


  • 100% genuine leather
  • Stiff and rigid
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Stocks variety of colors
  • They are cost-effective.


  • Closed shoe hence ineffective for a swollen toe
  • Not breathable enough

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6. Teva Women’s W Sanborn Broken Toe Sandals

To many Teva sandals are shoes for adventure where many women use them mostly when they are going for an adventure or outdoor experience. They have been used mainly for camping or other outdoor experience for years since they are very comfortable wearing, and the user feels supported and stable.

However, something you’ve never thought is that these sandals are used as broken toe shoes, especially when recovering from the broken foot.

Teva sandals are known shoes whose when wearing, there cannot be slippages because of the reliable traction on the outsole. These shoes are long-lasting, and the wonderful thing with them is that when you clean them or step on wet surfaces, they dry so fast, which means you can wash, wipe, and wear.


  • Cushions on the outsole feel comfy
  • They are lightweight
  • They are all-weather sandals, wet or dry
  • They are breathable, open on upper
  • They are durable and non-slip


  • They have no warrant
  • They are not formal wear

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7. Teva Men’s Hudson Sandal for Toe Problem

Teva sandals for men are comfortable shoes that everyone would love to have. The material making them is pure and genuine leather, hence one of the most durable footwear . their class look makes many people fancy them and, therefore, very marketable and available in all continents, including Africa. With straps both on the upper surface and backside, you can adjust how firm they hold your foot without any effort.

The fact they are open allows fresh air makes them best for people who have plantar fasciitis disorders and those with a broken foot or toe.they are good for any weather and though not water-resistant, they have excellent traction hence ant slip sandals. If you are looking for proper support, protective and light shoes to wear, Teva for men can save your worries.


  • Their strap are of leather material
  • Their arch support is backed by EVA footbed
  • They have a double strap to boost firmness hence save from slip
  • Durability is high
  • They are guaranteed


  • Allows water in
  • They are costly

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8. SAS Women’s, Nudu Sandal

We appreciate the SAS brand from the USA  for producing these high-quality shoes that have brought a lot of benefits to our society today. Many people have confessed how these sandals came as a savior to men, especially those with a broken toe or foot problems. They are adaptable with strands that add to their strength and comfortability when wearing.

They are designed with rubber sole and insole that is modified to bring naturally elegant shapes that firmly and healthy holds the foot in place. They are unique and stylish that makes them official for any occasion. They have stiff straps that have cushions on the inside; they are adjustable to fit any size of the foot even inflamed.


  • Features adjustable straps
  • They can be used for official occasions
  • Cushioned for comfort
  • Offers arch support to the heel
  • Available many colors


  • Not comfortable for running due to raised heel
  • Pricy

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9. United Ortho Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

This beautiful shoes by United Ortho, they are not only best shoes for broken toe but also have been revied as the best shoes after broken toe . What makes them ideal is that the creator produced various sizes and colors so that the buyer can have a wide selection as possible to choose from . they are stable and durable due to plastic molds enhancement on the sides. This allows a lip to recover gradually without falling or having accidents that could cause the recurring of the issues.

They comprise of rocker sole that boosts the stability and further makes you walk uprightly. United Ortho walking boots have enough space to accommodate the bandages and allow the patient to recover fast even in other complications.


  • They are plastic molded to offer upright support
  • They have reinforced steel on the sides for perfect support
  • Features rocker sole
  • You can wear them while you have bandages on
  • They come in 5 different sizes and various colours


  • No accuracy on sizes
  • Some have restricted shipment

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10. Vive Post Op Shoe – Lightweight Medical Walking Boot

Have you had a broken toe? Well, did you seek for best shoes after broken toe to help you recover from the painful surgery gradually and perfectly? Live’s Post Op is the new footwear that is best and can solve all your worries by giving you proper services while allowing a gradual healing process.

They offer adequate protection to the healing, too, without fear that you may hurt it again while you walk. These shoes are lightweight and comfortable even for hiking without fear of getting hurt. Such shoes are firm and with straps both on the upper and backside to hold firm your feet.

They are ant shock ant slip and have proper cautioning on the straps to protect from abrasion. With rocker sole feature design, you can walk smoothly even if it is the ankle, foot, or toe had issues. And the good thing they can be worn by men and women alike.


  • Durable
  • Have a range of colors and sizes
  • Easy to remove and wear
  • They fit comfortably on the user’s foot
  • They are unisex


  • If the foot has severe complications, they are not suitable
  • They have a bad shape

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What To Look Before Buying  Shoes For Broken Toe

When you have finally decided to buy shoes for your fractured shoes, there are some factors you must consider before paying for the shoes. Below factors will help you buy the best shoes for broken toe.

Adequate toe room: Well, space is very crucial; you need to buy a shoe with enough space for your toe region. Do not buy the shoe that will press your broken toe for quick healing.

Durability: Go for the shoes with perfect material construction, stiff and strong enough to serve you sufficient until the complete healing process.

Flexibility or adjustability: Buy shoes with soft smooth straps that can be adjusted both on the back and the upper part. Also, the adjusting strands should not be uncoated, which may cause abrasions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Should I Wear Broken Toe Boots?

Orthopedic shoes or boot protects your foot or toe or broken part on the lower foot. The length of time depends on the seriousness of the injury, usually between 7 and 43 days.

Q. Is It Ok to Drive With a Broken Foot?

Well, if you feel you can handle the footwork on the vehicle without getting hurt, you can drive. However, if the doctor forbids you to drive, you should not.

Q. Can You Work With a Broken Toe?

If you have been on orthopedic hoe for 6 to 8weeks and you feel ok, you can return to work only after doctor examining you and allows you to.

Q. Should You Walk on Broken Toe?

Yes, with a walking cast, you can walk as a way of doing exercises that can fasten recovery, but only the non-strenuous activities.

List of 10 Best Broken Toe Shoe


If you want to recover quickly, look for the best shoes for broken toe that has a rigid sole and the one with a toe box that can curve upwards. That will give enough room for recovering. And the shoes must be ideal in terms of comfort and support for your broken region.

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