10 Best Shoe To Wear With Walking Boot

Best Shoe to Wear With Walking Boot

Have you just suffered a leg or ankle injury? Have you just undergone a leg surgery? If yes, then you need the best shoe to wear with walking boot to help you in walking. However, the process of getting these shoes is a bit difficult due to the several types of brands and models available in the market. In this guide we will be looking at the shoes you can always use with the walking boots.

What Is a Walking Shoe To Wear With a Walking Boots?

Whenever you have had foot surgery, using a walker boot or walking on a cast, one of the legs will always be a little bit shorter when compared to the other foot. This means you will be in need of a shoe you can always put on together with the walking boots to enable both legs to be of the same length.

Why Wear a Walking Shoe With a Walking Boot?

The main reason why you need to consider wearing walking shoes with walking boots is that it helps in preventing any unhealthy conditions like back pain or strained gait. After a serious of consultations with a number of medical experts, I can confirm that foots’ upper parts are the ones that do face injuries and not just your foot. The upper parts are liked to be exposed to more types of injuries especially on the joints and ankles.

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Our Top Picks

Best Shoe To Wear With Walking Boot

1. Evenup Shoe Leveler

Are you in need of top walking boots that will help reduce knee, back pain and hip sing caused by walking out of balance? Then the Evenup Shoe Leveler is the best option for you.

These shoes to wear with walking boot are capable of helping you balance the strides since they do ensure your feet are aligned well with the body. It best suits women with having a shoe size of 9- 11. There soles are well fitted with soles capable of absorbing shock. There is also the shoebaum aircam that helps in reducing pressure amounts on the feet. The shoe sole has been lined together with the balancers of Ergoactives height which ensures the limps are level up. The level balance also helps in ensuring the weight of the body on both limbs is evenly distributed.

The Evenup Shoe Leveler has been made using non slip rubber sole and materials are lightweight. It comes with loop and hooks straps which ensure it fits well.


  • Reliable and very comfortable
  • Easy to attach and adjustable
  • Help reduce pressure and pain
  • Ensures the hips are well aligned
  • Does remain in place always


  • Its parts can easily brittle
  • No option in sole thickness

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2. Procare ShoeLift – Small

Investing in the Procare ShoeLift – Small will enable you to always maintain your dress code. This shoe is of stylish design which will enable you to match it with some of your top dresses.

It comes with adjustable straps for the ankle that ensures they always remain in stable condition whenever they are on the feet for a pretty long time.

It comes with a rigid rocker sole that makes it possible for you to always enjoy the reduction of pressure and great ambulation. It also features a square toe that helps in protecting the toe from any type of injuries. This square toe is considered to be a quality bumper for your foot toe area.


  • Offers the needed extra height
  • Is universal fit
  • Comes with professional shock absorbers
  • Have top quality rubber straps
  • Quite affordable


  • Straps need some improvement
  • A bit heavy

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3. Procare ShoeLift – Medium

By using the medium Procare shoelift, you will be in a position of matching your injured foot height to be on the same level with your other normal leg.

These shoes have been made to align your posture and body well. It also helps in preventing more strain that can be caused by walking boot or cast.

Procare shoelift- medium will add an extra ¾” in elevation when all layers are used while ½” will be added for a single layer.

These shoes come Velcro straps made from rubber and are adjustable for right fitting depending on the level of comfort.


  • Easy and simple to slip on
  • Reliable and comfortable to use
  • Helps in relieving foot pain
  • Comes with adjustable straps that make it convenient to use
  • Comes with a universal fit


  • Frail straps
  • There are times when height might not be same

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4. iGuerburn Balancer Shoe

Are you in need of a top walking boots that will ensure you are well satisfied? Why not try the iGuerburn Balancer Shoe? One great thing that makes most users like these shoes is that whenever you are not satisfied the manufacturer is always ready to help you out.

This shoe balancer for walking boot completely does away with the crutches need. They are made with several features ensuring it delivers great results. It does not matter if you are in need of protecting or treating a stress fracture, post bunion surgery, broken toe, metatarsal fracture, etc, these shoes is the perfect shoe for you. The shoes are available in different sizes which you can always choose from. They are available I small, medium, large and extra large sizes.

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  • Has a decent price
  • Its rocker bottom is of top quality
  • Air pump always works well
  • Does a perfect work in ensuring foot is stabilized
  • Have four extra pads


  • Never dries fast
  • Not that durable

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5. Even up Cam Walker Fracture Boot

The Even up Cam Walker Fracture Boot will always remain to be a top consideration whenever the best shoe to wear with walking boot are being listed. It is a top show for port operative boots. They are known to offer great medial ankle support for injuries and fractures on soft tissue that are needed in extending the period of healing.

It does come with an inflatable air bladder that offers high levels of comfort for your ankle and foot customized compression. This helps in reducing swelling and increasing healing and stability. The shoes comprise a convenient and comfortable foam liner and loop fastening that is a great combination for a comfortable fit.

There is also a quick-release air valve that helps in getting the right levels of compression during the process of rehabilitation. The shoes are also of lightweight construction that helps in protecting and treating different post-operative surgeries.


  • It is comfortable and lightweight
  • Made of durable materials making it long lasting
  • Capable of taking in different swelling patterns
  • Has an overall height that ensures one is less bulky
  • Made for grade 2 and 3 sprains


  • Lacks padding or support
  • Air release valves are poorly positioned

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6. XLarge Evenup Shoe Balancer

The XLarge Evenup Shoe Balancer is capable of accommodating all your needs well. Compared to other shoes made up of several adjustments and straps, the XLarge Evenup Shoe Balancer is pretty easy to put on.

All one has to do to start using these shoes is unlocking the strap hooks and dropping the foot in the foot. It does come with a rubber pad on the ankle that functions as it needs to.

The shoe outsole is made using a pretty solid outsole rubber that contains a number of several horizontal grooves below it. Water is usually directed through the grooves in every step offering more contact between the floor and the outsole. This helps in preventing slippage.

Most people consider this shoe balancer for walking boot as a great leveler that helps in easing up one’s movement and also helps in preventing the hip and back pain.


  • Comes with an easy drop-in fit
  • Has a very durable loop strap and hook
  • Has a perfectly dry and wet grip on the floor surface
  • Comes with a perfect grip on the shoes
  • The outsole is made using solid rubber


  • Balancer at times gets slippery on a wet floor
  • Quite expensive

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7. BraceAbility Shoe

The BraceAbility Shoe is among the top best shoes to wear with walking boots. It is a shoe brand that will ensure you do remain stylish despite whether you do have a broken foot. One feature that makes these shoes stand out is that it does remain compatible with other brands of shoes and does match these same shoes using your great and favorite fitting.

The shoes’ sole is made using top quality rubber that is lightweight making the shoes easy and comfortable to walk around on.

This shoe lift for walking boot is a perfect shoe for anyone who is looking for shoes that work well with their surgical walking boots.

This is one of the shoes that comprises all the features which you will ever require in any simple shoe you can use together with a walking boot.


  • Comes with a non slip traction feature
  • The rubber sole offers quality stability
  • Shoe weight is partly reduced
  • Works well with different outfits and foot sizes
  • Comprises of all top features


  • A bit heavy
  • Not that durable

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8. Squared ProCare Shoe

This is one shoe you can always count on whenever you suffer a fracture. It will offer you very stable protection on your healing foot. It ensures the toe dressing is kept dry and clean. Using these shoes will help serve your toe well. It also comes with extra space which enables one to enjoy better comfort and protection.

These shoes are also known to comprise of a padded heel and have an ankle strap that is easily adjustable. These features help in ensuring the right and natural foot positioning. It also helps in reducing spillage on heels.


  • Made up of materials with high breathability
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to slide onto the foot
  • An excellent transitional
  • Great shoes for people with fractures


  • Not easy to tighten on the ankle
  • Lacks great support

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9. BootBud Lift Shoe

The BootBud Lift Shoe does feature a completely free insert that are removable and can easily be adjusted to the height one can enjoy great relief and experience. This shoe is of design that makes use of the outsole quality that grips the ground well ensuring increase in traction levels. It comes with Velcro straps that are adjustable for toes and heels to ensure the shoe is always in place.

The BootBud Lift Shoe will for sure ensure you remain safe for the complete period that you will be using the boots. One feature that most people do like in these shoes is that it can never slip off any side. It also comes with a very tight holding Velcro straps that can never get off your shoes or lead to any damage. There is a lip running round the shoes that helps in holding the shoe better.

Its Velcro straps are unique and straightforward especially when you are in need of adjusting the shoe. All one has to do is either to strap or unstrap for the shoe to fit well.


  • Comes with a unique Velcro straps
  • Designed for comfort
  • Ensures one remains safe always
  • Never slip off any side
  • Has a lip running round the shoes


  • Slightly expensive
  • A bit heavy

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10. Ergoactives Shoe Balancer

The Ergoactives Shoe Balancer is the best shoe to wear with walking boot as comprises of top quality slip resistant features and made using durable materials. With these shoes, you are assured of great stability whenever you are walking. The majority of the height balancers are known to have failed on this feature.

The design of the Ergoactives Shoe Balancer offers you safety assurance. The design of these shoes comes with Velcro straps that you can make use of when making adjustments to the balancer. With these shoes, you are guaranteed to walk in a safe mode thanks to its anti-slip feature that helps in preventing you from slipping.

These shoes to wear with walking boot adjustable straps are made to not only hold the shoes well but also ensure they are durable. With these, you can be sure of getting support from the shoes whenever you are wearing the boot.


  • Made up of a high quality slip resistant feature
  • Comes with adjustable straps
  • Offers one Safety assurance
  • One is guaranteed to walk in safe mode
  • It is affordable in price


  • It is a bit heavy in weight
  • Difficulties in adjusting the straps

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What to Look For In shoe to wear with walking boot

Here are some of the main factors one needs to consider whenever they are shopping for the best shoe to wear with walking boot.


Breathability is an essential factor most shoe buyers do assume whenever they are shopping for the best shoe to wear with walking boot. Despite being impossible to attain full comfort when you have a fracture, any shoe that causes more discomfort is never going to be a perfect choice.

Type of Material Used

The quality of the material should be a bit high to ensure the shoes lasts for a long time. Recovery procedures can last for either one week or several weeks. It requires that any tool you use does not fail you as it can lead to further injuries. Get shoes made using materials that ensure high levels of comfort and are durable enough.


It is anyone’s dream to try their best and avoid any type of slippage and losing fitness. Wobbling or slipping can easily cause re-injury or a fall. Ensure that the arch support, boot or shoes will never make the foot to shift whenever you are walking. Some of the top products do offer snug support and are firm.

Pain Level

The level of pain is one of the best factors that can help guide you on the amount of support you will require during stress fracture recover on the foot. Stay away from shoes that will trigger the pain and go for shoes that will always help damage the pressure off the foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the shoes to wear with walking boot?

There are several types of shoes one can wear with walking boots. However, the shoes are the ones that will help you avoid any further injury on your foot, ankle and other parts of your leg. The shoes will also ensure you are very comfortable whenever you are walking.

Q. How can I make my walking boot more comfortable?

You can make your boots more comfortable by ensuring you use a brace whenever you are out of bed or walking unless your doctor states otherwise. Take off the orthosis and perform an inspection on your skin once or two times a day. Ensure you do wear a supportive shoe lift for walking boot and socks whenever you are using the walking boots.

Q. Are balancers good for your feet?

Yes, the balancer is very good for your feet. They help in bringing both legs at the same level which helps in preventing you from injuring or worsening the injury. It also helps in increasing the level of comfort whenever you are walking.

Q. What shoes should you wear with a walking boot?

Ensure that you put on supportive shoes and socks whenever you are using the walking boots. Using walking boots without the two can cause more injuries on your foot and ankle.

List of 10 Best Shoe Balancer


It is advisable that one goes for the best shoe to wear with walking boot. For sure, it can be awkward when you walk on limbs that are unbalanced. However, the top 10 best shoe with walking boots option we have reviewed above will be of great help to you. In case of any questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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