10 Best Shoe After Calcaneal Fracture – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Shoe After Calcaneal Fracture

When you have an injury on your foot, walking or running is a big problem. It is worse if you suffer from a calcaneal fracture. Having the best shoe after calcaneal fracture is not an option. For complications like these, the best remedy is choosing a post-op shoe for broken toe or a fractured heel boot.

This write-up details the top 10 shoes for calcaneal fracture complications. Hopefully, by the end of the review, you will have the best pick for your consideration.

What is a Calcaneal Fracture?

The calcaneal fracture is a type of injury that happens when the heel area gets a massive impact. This is due to a violent movement happening accidentally. But most of the time, this kind of fractures is happening especially after greater impacts to the ground when jumping or falling from great heights.

This type of fracture requires special treatment and some of the most well-reserved shoes you can possibly find. Trying to locate and identify the best shoe after calcaneal fracture still remains a harsh thing to say.

How Do Calcaneal Fractures Occur?

Calcaneal fractures occur when the heel bone receives more pressure than its own structure and ligaments attached to it, can handle. They can also happen in case you are jumping or playing basketball barefoot or without wearing your sneakers.

Most of the time, the wrong type of shoes is to blame for the calcaneal fractures. However, there are times when these fractures occur with no special reason.

Features of a Good Shoe After a Calcaneal Fracture?

There are many features associated with the best shoes for calcaneal fractures. First, you need to have more space for the heel area and that is why the most competent shoes are those that have extra cushioning to the rear part of the shoes.

Another critical part of the shoes is the upper mesh and lacing system. After a calcaneal fracture, you need all the strength you can find so that you can walk. This means you need your ankle joints to function normally and support your body weight.

Finally, the shoes should be adjustable to special orthotics, have greater shape and size to fit all and be more protective of the foot curve.

Benefits of The Shoe After Calcaneal Fracture

The best shoes after calcaneal fracture will offer special benefits to the users. Most people recognize that there is a lot of comforts associated with their use. In contrast, there are some people that hate to wear sneakers and find cheap excuses to ban their calcaneal fractures shoes.

Give your best to find the most adequate pair of shoes for the calcaneal fracture that can severely limit your mobility for several weeks.

Our Top Picks

Best Shoe After Calcaneal Fracture

1. ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe

This is a specially designed shoe for ankle fractures. As the name dictates, it features top as a post-op shoe for broken toes. The special feature allows universal fitting criteria than accepts both right and left feet.

The square design of the shoe provides more toe room that reduces pressure within the shoe. With reduced pressure, blood circulation stabilizes, allowing you to stand long. The shoe encourages ambulation for bed-ridden patients. A rigid rocker sole provides a suitable platform for walking practice after long periods of sleep.

For proper foot positioning, they placed a strapping higher than ordinary shoes. For faster healing of the heel bone, the ankle must stay firm even with strenuous exercises.

You get the shoe in many sizes ranging from S, M, L, and XL. The inside area is absorbent, keeping the feet dry all day long. A velcro finish supports the shoe by increasing its stability. The material is lightweight too.


  • Very affordable
  • It is lightweight
  • The shoe is very absorbent
  • You get it in multiple sizes


  • An adjustable velcro isn’t tight enough
  • You get it in one color

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2. Aircast SP (Short Pneumatic) Walker Brace/Walking Boot

The Aircast SP is a fractured heel boot built to provide firm support when recovering from an ankle injury. It has a pre-inflated anterior air cell that lowers the pressure within the shoe. The design makes the shoe light regardless of the amount of air inflated to the cells.

With a rigid rocker sole, ambulation is not a problem for patients. Its physical outlook encourages forward mobility enabling users to move faster. This feature explains why this is the best shoe after calcaneal fracture.

This shoe comes with a hand pump to enable you to adjust the support padding to your liking. At the side is an air hole that makes it easy to inflate its air cells. Velcro support increases the steadiness of the shoe. The plastic finish reduces noise while walking, and the material lowers the overall weight of the shoe.

The shoe features a wide strap to accommodate swollen feet. These straps are adjustable when swelling subsides. At the top area, the shoes have a pneumatic brace, which is dislodgeable upon the recovery of the patient. Your doctor will recommend the best time to remove the brace.


  • Comfort is customizable with the air cell
  • Sizing is flexible
  • Lightweight
  • It is spacious to promote dressing


  • Velcro material makes it noisy
  • They have irregular air cast spaces

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3. Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe/Foot Fracture Square Toe Walking Shoe

If you value quality items, then you will love the Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Shoe. You get the shoe in small, medium, large or extra-large for the best fit.

If the shoes don’t fit well with your feet, you can adjust the straps for better fastening. To get the right strap length, trim them to your ideal size.

Its anti-slip capability is unmatched by any other in the market. The shoe is contoured at the sole area to enhance grip. To give you peace of mind while wearing, the shoe was designed for universal feet. Each shoe fits well with the left or right feet.

During manufacture, they took the time to classify the shoe according to human characteristics: some suit men and other women. Then there are the pediatric and toddler choices. A squared front design provides a bigger toe room. With space, your foot is protected from unnecessary pressure from shoe walls.


  • It is very lightweight
  • You get it in fitting sizes
  • Straps are customizable
  • The rocker sole has good treads


  • This product cannot be shipped internationally
  • The shoe doesn’t have FDA approval

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4. Mars Wellness Premium Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Ankle/Foot Stabilizer Boot

When looking for the best shoe after calcaneal fracture, this is the shoe you should pick. You get this shoe in several sizes ranging from small, medium, large and extra-large. The shoe uses short cam walkers that boost feet immobilization. It enables feet to stay intact within the shoe structure.

Another support feature is the bracket that holds the straps together. For even better strength, they have hooks that keep the straps intact. There is also the air cast walkers that promote healing. The walkers soothe swelling within the feet, significantly reducing pain.

For comfortable walking, the interior is made of a comfy foam liner. This liner contributes to a reduced overall weight of the shoe. Additionally, an air bladder is in place to reduce pressure on the feet. The good thing is that a user can adjust PSI to achieve self-comfort.

Embedded in the bladder is an air valve. The purpose of the valve is to control the amount of air in the bladder.


  • Treats grade 2 and grade 3 sprains
  • It is lightweight
  • Quick and easy fitting
  • Liners are highly absorbent


  • It is expensive
  • Velcro material produces squeaky sound

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5. Darco APB All-Purpose Boot, Medium

Another therapeutic shoe is the Darco APB. The design features a bigger toe room for foot soothing. It includes braces that keep fractures intact while encouraging healing.

This brand is a favorite for younger patients, most of its shoes coming in medium sizes. However, all other sizes are still available.

A fiberglass casting makes it hardy. The hardiness promotes dressing while enabling feet to cure of swells. A double-sided Velcro square stitched to the shoe increases the toughness.

The shoe is well aerated with a few perforations at the top. The air circulation enables feet to stay fresh during therapy sessions.

If you live in wet areas, this shoe is the right selection. The material used makes it waterproof. Its treads offer the best traction. Patients living in snowy areas do not encounter any problems since the shoe offers a super grip.


  • It is lightweight at 1.5 pounds
  • The sole offers high traction
  • Breathable
  • You can use it in all seasons


  • Sizes are inconsistent with the regular fitting
  • Lots of dead space at the tip for female feet

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6. Darco International (n) Hi All Purpose Boot X-Small

This is the tiniest version of the Darco collection. Children with injuries will feel comfortable in this shoe. The stability of this shoe is supported by a wide sole. As you know, children are very playful and will trip off easily if they do not get a stable platform. When compared with air cast designs, this brand is much safer.

Apart from the big width, the sole is rigid for foot protection. It is almost impossible to bend the sole, which assures safety. The support structure features velcro and thick padding, which increases its sturdiness.

Another component is the external mesh finish and the fiberglass casting. All these features contribute to enhanced quality.

For easy clean, the straps are removable. The material used is waterproof hence cannot damage with increased exposure to wetness. You may even use the shoe in the bathroom. This shoe ranks top as an all-weather choice. Whether hot or humid, you will love its resilience.


  • Not so heavy
  • It is available in the smallest sizes
  • Provide superior toe protection
  • The shoe is padded for maximum comfort


  • No protection at the top
  • You only get it in black

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7. Superior Braces Low Top, Non-Air, Low Profile Medical Orthopedic Walker Boot

These superior braces are the best shoes for calcaneal fractures on your feet. They are fitted with cam walkers that help relieve pain on your swollen feet. Orthopedic doctors recommend this shoe for people suffering from edema.

The interior of the shoe features a thickly padded insole. The insole makes the foot comfortable by absorbing shock resulting from heavyweights. Like the predecessor, you get the shoes in all sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. And for easy use, the design fits well on both right and left feet.

With a rocker sole, the stability of this shoe is unmatched. The bottom is contoured for improved traction. This design helps a lot with post-operation stabilization as it reduces trauma.

While the rocker sole construction portrays a superstructure, it does not add to the overall weight of the shoe.

The straps are cleverly crafted too. The first strap is ordinary, but its second strap is extended by an inch and a quarter. This feature alone makes it an extra-ordinary orthopedic shoe among the ones discussed before.


  • It has a strong boot frame
  • They are comfortable
  • The best orthopedic choice
  • Each fits well with right or left foot


  • No instruction on additional pads that come with the shoes
  • They are noisy

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8. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

This is another post-op shoe for broken toes suitable for people who undergo Bunion surgery. The shoe soothes the feet by protecting the metatarsal fracture.

A sick foot requires immobilization, and this shoe guarantees that. With multiple straps attached to the shoe, the feet stay immobile in one position, which encourages healing.

It fits well for different types of feet. You will get the shoe ranging from extra small to extra large sizes.

The foam liner used in constructing this shoe is super light. This makes mobility easy for patients who can’t withstand the weight of heavier shoes. Like the former shoe, this is highly therapeutic. It is the best choice for patients with diabetic ulcers, big toes, and bunions.

The structure features hardy polymer plastic. This plastic is thickly padded for foot protection. Despite the heavy padding, there is a big space that allows for the bandaging of sick feet.

It comes with 3 extra pads for customized comfort. You can decide to use 2 or all of them for maximum comfort. The bottom sole is contoured for high grip hence minimizing unnecessary falls. The rocker finish is durable and encourages natural steps.


  • Velcro material used is strong
  • It has high traction on the sole
  • Allows right and left wearing
  • Straps allow customized fitting


  • Lack of an inflatable liner makes it uncomfortable.
  • It doesn’t ship internationally

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9. United Ortho Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

The second last on our selection is the United Ortho Short Air Cam, a shoe designed for all ages and foot sizes. It features a very hardy ski boot.

Inside is a tough foam that enhances the comfort of your feet. If you want to feel warmer, then you can wear socks. A 1.5-inch heel provides an average platform for any kind of body size.

They also embedded a medial air bladder, which absorbs pressure. The bladder pressure is adjustable using an air pump mounted on the side of the shoe. There is a valve that allows inward and outward flows of air for better regulation.

The top of the shoe is breathable to enable your feet to maintain a reasonable temperature. Beneath is a shock-absorbing insole that manages every step you make.

Like the other brands discussed before, you can wear this type on the left or right feet. The base of the sole is wide for stability.

A blend of plastic uprights and steel makes it tough. The sturdiness helps hold feet in the recommended position, thus encouraging healing. It is the ultimate shoe for calcaneal fracture management.


  • The shoe is well fitted
  • It is designed to promote a natural gait
  • Comfort and supported shoe
  • The soft interior is also comfy


  • Simple pricking may damage the air bladder
  • It is available in one color

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10. Aircast AirSelect Walker Brace/Walking Boot

Aircast AirSelect is a medium-sized shoe that is also available in other sizes. The design is built using SoftStrike technology that controls shock in the shoe. This tech makes the shoe safer than other designs.

An open frame makes it breathable. The design promotes air circulation that controls the temperature inside the shoe. Its rubber sole is very comfortable. As the best shoe after calcaneal fracture, its treads necessitate traction.

A pneumatic shell works in conjunction with air cells to balance compression. The effects of compression lead to the reduction of edema. Another special thing about the air cells in this shoe is that they overlap and arrange themselves in a duplex manner.

For durability, the shell frame features a tough steel and velcro components. The shoe comes in three unique variations that include short, standard, and elite. Each Aircast Airselect can be worn on either the left or right foot. This saves you time when wearing at a time when you are nursing injuries.

Generally, this shoe is very protective, and it displays a sleek finish. When wearing the shoe, you will experience natural gait.


  • Durable
  • Built with superior technology
  • It is lightweight
  • The shoe is skid resistant


  • The shoe is less affordable
  • It is manufactured with a universal fit

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Criteria to Buy Shoe for Calcaneal Fracture

If you are looking for the best shoe after your calcaneal fracture, you need to know some features for choosing the right pair of shoes. Here we would like to enlist the best features that help you to get the right one. Read them carefully for getting the best one.

Strong Support

One of the most important features for choosing the best heel fracture boot is strong support. As when you have a fracture, your feet don’t provide you the proper support that you need, you need a shoe with an extreme level of support.

You need to buy an after- surgery shoe which helps you to save you from any further pain.  So, whenever you are looking for the best calcaneal shoe after your surgery remembers about the support of your shoe.

Soft Cushioning

It is another important consideration to get a great shoe for calcaneal fracture.  All patients are looking for the best comfort and cushion by the shoe. The material indicates how much comfortable the shoe is. So look for the material of the shoe carefully. Generally, leather is the most comfortable material. It is also light to carry. So, it is our suggestion to buy a leather shoe for the patient who have a calcaneal surgery.


Durability indicates how much support you offer by the shoe. With great build quality, a durable shoe keeps you safe from the tension that you may fall into another injury. It helps you to take the pressure off and absorbs your shock. So, find a shoe that is strong enough. Rigid footbed, rubber outsole, and canvas upper make a shoe more durable than others. The synthetic shoe is also preferable as a durable one.

Frequently Asked Question

Q. How long does it take for a calcaneus fracture to heal?

Ans: If you are looking for the running shoes for calcaneal fracture, you should look for how long it takes to heal. If the injury is minor, you need 3-4 months after surgery. But if the fracture is severe, you need 1 to 2 years to recover. You may walk or may return to your regular life. But for complete recovery you need 1 to 2 year full rest.

Q. How long does it take to walk after a calcaneal fracture?

Ans: After a calcaneal fracture, you may wear a cast for 6 to 8 weeks. Sometimes more than 8 weeks. You can use a cast, splints or brace to keep your bones right in the position. But it should make sure that you take some care and exercise to recover yourself as soon as possible.

Q. How do you rehab a broken heel?

Ans: you can rehab your broken heel by taking some physical exercise or some necessary steps. Like you can use ice on the broken place. You should take proper rest. It will help to regain your lost health and strength. You may use cast or cast boot for moving.

List of 10 Best Shoes for Calcaneal Fracture


Choosing the best shoe after calcaneal isn’t an easy task. Whether you want to buy a post-op shoe or a fractured heel boot, you ought to know what to look out for in every design. Luckily with this review, your selection is much easier. It lays bare the features, pros, and cons for you to make comparisons.

The ultimate decision on the best shoes after ankle fracture is all on you. This review is a headstart to guide you on where to begin. Reread it to be sure you have made the right choice.

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