10 Best Running Shoes for Back Pain – Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guide

Best Running Shoes for Back Pain

To help you find your perfect pair of shoes for back pain, we already have compiled a list of the best running shoes for back pain on the market. Maybe the shoes not able to make you run fast but the right pair of shoes will provide adequate support and comfort, you’ll be in good shape.

There is no possibility you will be forced to stop training and running when you are suffering from back pain since modern shoes are offering you the chance to create a shield over yourself and be proactive to the hardships you are going to find on the road.

Why You Need a Good Pair of Running Shoes for Back Pain?

The reason why you need the best running shoes for back pain is that you deserve more by your shoes. The evolution has come to the point where you can order your running shoes online having specified their size according to the special anatomic characteristics of your feet.

This is extremely important, especially for professional athletes. On the other hand, you are always in need of the best running shoes since most of the nerves that are involved in back pain are also connected to the footbed area and painful feelings could be triggered when running using the wrong type of footwear.

Features of Good Running Shoes for Back Pain?

There are a lot of features that the best shoes for back pain may include:

  • Great breathability that helps reduce the sweating and overheating of the feet
  • Absorbent insoles that keep you wet free when needed
  • Great grip and traction
  • Soft cushioning on the insole to keep your heels protected
  • Better room on the forefoot area to let your toe fingers move and increase your balance
  • Lots of colors and shape to select makes your running experience a lot funnier

Benefits of Having Running Shoes

The best running shoes can give you a lot of benefits especially when you are suffering from back pain that has been the disease of every runner. By wearing the best running shoes you will feel a lot more relaxed that will help you to run comfortably.

Then, you will always feel a lot more protected against water and all mild impacts that may severely harm you. The best running shoes are always there for you.

Our Top Picks

10 Best Running Shoes for Back Pain

1. Brooks Ghost 12 Running Shoe

Ghost 12 tops in this list as one of the best running shoes for back pain that brand designed aiming to relieve women from back pains as they run their way to fitness. The premium materials making this shoe, make it reliable to offer runners comfortable running gear without restricting the foot movement.

The flexible, soft upper mesh allows the midfoot and forefoot to feel roomy while wearing irrespective of whether the user has a wide or narrow foot. The ankle color and heal of brooks 12 have a soft fabric coating that protects the runners from any rubbing that may cause blisters.

Moreover, the smooth tabular laces transform the shoe into looking elegant and appealing to touch. The ghost 12 will not only appear attractive to you but the when you put on, then you will realize the cushioning has all the comfort any woman would wish


  • Cushioned for a comfortable ride
  • Sufficient traction on the outsole
  • Smooth and spacious fitting
  • Built with soft Achilles without any slippage
  • durable hence economical


  • not lightweight
  • DNA loft return energy is low

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2. Adidas Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe

Have you been wandering in every direction to find comfortable shoes for back pain in vain? Never give up on your quest; many brands serve the purpose but not better than Ultraboost 19 does. They are comfortable and fit even without tightening the laces. They are made of lightweight plastic mono mesh that ensures top support and flexibility too.

Ultraboost 19 has 3d heel frame that, together with foam pod hold firm, the ankle and hence balancing the strides. All these features are to support and allow men runners to have a fantastic experience. The Ultraboost 19 features a lasting lightweight cushioning with powerful lux and reliable return energy.

The shoe further has a flexible stretch web rubber, which advances a smooth feel and ideal traction capability. It has PRIMEKIT 360 feature that additionally aids in breathability


  • Great traction
  • Supportive and comfortable courtesy of sockfit technology
  • Stretchy and breathable
  • Highly responsive
  • Excellent cushioning


  • sizing is not consistence
  • fixed narrow

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3. Nurse Mates Women’s Velocity

If comfort is your primary goal, then nurse mates women shoe will give its full support to your woes. What makes these women sneakers worth investing in is the fact that you can stylishly work beautifully and with confidence knowing no pain will be there.

The Nurse mates velocity contains leather adoptive orthotic functionality, which allows you to tighten the laces when the knot is too tight and loosen the laces when the reverse is true. The shos have a sense of style and colors that are magically appealing.

Although the shoe is mesh designed, not a drop of water spillage can seep inside and wipe easily. Forget about the shoe bulk structure; believe me, they are as weightless as feathers. And when on them you should have no fear of slipping as your shoes are built with ant slipe and firm grip. They fit perfectly as well as breathability endorsement. Overall the shoe is best running shoes for back pain.


  • Support guaranteed
  • Shock absorbent structure
  • Comfortable to fit the foot
  • Orthopedic style
  • Water resistance and ant slip soles


  • Very costly
  • Thin cushioning layer

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4. Hoka One One Clifton 5 Men’s Running Shoe

Clifton 5 is men’s favorite running shoes, particularly veteran runners who do it as both career and as fitness quest. When you think you have seen it all, then here comes Clifton 5 with a design that adds value to men’s running experience. One of the health benefits that attract many users into buying them is the fact that they are excellent shoes for back pain.

Clifton 5 midsole is adjusted slightly to offer soft rides while the upper region structure for unexceptional and long-lasting breathability. They have fewer overlays compared to previous versions, although mesh may look so similar, you should notice that the integrated holes in the mesh are only in Clifton 5.

The midsole is very responsive to enhance the forward momentum. The outsole is comprising EVA foam sections with high abrasion light rubber. The entire Clifton 5 motivates the runners due to its soft, responsive, and cushioned ride.


  • Breathable
  • A smooth and responsive ride
  • Redesigned for durability
  • Comfortable to both training and running
  • Reliable and protective


  • Bulky in shape
  • Sizing issues

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5. Orthofeet Gramercy Men’s Diabetic Relief Footwear

Orthofeet Gramercy is a fantastic show designed to be worn by men on any occasion. Now aways from just being among the most reliable running shoes for back pain, they offer therapeutic value to a variety of foot ailments such as peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, overpronation, hammertoes, and a lot more.

The shoes have air cushioning design that works to soften strides and further enhance ideal stability and natural feet movement. The shoes’ insoles have an anatomic arch, which reduces pains. The inside lining has foam padding that secures pressure nodes giving a soft feel that treats sensitive feet and arthritis.

So these shoes are structures with strategical designs added by the manufacturer to offer a comfortable environment that brings relief to sufferers of foot-related problems.


  • Insoles with air cushioning
  • Ergonomic pace style
  • Effective pain relief for lower back feet and ankles.
  • Proper sizing
  • Super durable with top quality stitching


  • Design si bulky unlike convection footwear
  • Have a comprehensive layout that calls for more insoles and more

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6. Brooks Glycerin 17 Soft And Smooth Running Shoe

Glycerin 17 is not only one of the best running shoes for back problems, but you can wear them when you are not running at your wish. It is a super modified replica of the previous models’ designed by brooks. It has a sleek DNA loft midsole that is a mix of rubber air and foam.

For more cushioning, Glycerin 17 is incorporated with Ortholite sock liner to guarantee that softness does not diminish with time. For women’s edition, the fit is not tight; therefore, it would require lacing to enhance firmness.

Good enough, Glycerin 17 does not pick road objects and debris while running, and with its proper tractions, you can run or walk in almost any surfaces, be it wet, grassy, or icy. The sole durability maintains the reputation of the shoe and brand image. The shoe interior is cozy and sufficiently cushioned.


  • Cozy interior
  • Sufficient cushioning
  • Reliable outsole grip
  • Proper traction for all conditions usage
  • Reflective plush heel


  • Not proper lightweight
  • Available in mostly shorter sizes

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7. Alegria Essence Synthetic Sole Women’s Tennis Shoe

Algeria essence is remarkable shoe designs for women who not only looking to have the best running shoes for a bad back but also want to look professional as well as being in line with fashion trends. This type of footwear is reliable for both walking, standing, and running, allowing you experience excellent comfort while protecting you against all disorders associated with overpronation.

Alegria Essence has the most extended service period due to the combination of leather, the waterproof upper part, and the synthetic soles, which makes them very durable and flexible for comfort when on them. What makes these shoes elegant is that they come in disparate colors and recommendable for the prevention of plantar fasciitis as well as overpronation.

There is no concrete disadvantage worth mentioning about Alegria Essence shoes because they have a balance between durability and flexibility. Additionally, their versatility is exemplary, with over 25 different colors gives the buyer enough choice.


  • Stylish with high-quality leather
  • 25 colors for choice
  • Back pain therapy
  • Flexible width
  • Insole made of memory foam


  • A bit costly

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8. Asics Gel-Kayano 24 Running Shoe

When doing a collection of ideal shoes for running, you cannot assume the role Kayano 24 is one of the best running shoes for back pain. This running shoe is designed to reflect the exact customers’ needs. The reason Kayano wins as the most preferred is that it represents a mix of aesthetic, fit, and softness.

You should know that Kayano works as a motion control shoe. Moreover, the inner midsole contains skewed medial support. Their stability can allow going for long intensive runs without any problem.they are excellent for overpronation; with Kayano 24, you can sure to have firm, durable, and comfortable to win more customers.

With Kayano 24, you are safe; you do not have to worry about having sensitive feet or common injury that occurs when training. The shoes have been competitively won more ratings as among the best running shoes for lower back pain due to their ideal stability and comfort.


  • Enough toe tip space
  • Ideal heel grip
  • More comfy cushioned
  • superlative traction
  • reputable with high performance and reliability


  • Narrow fit with no enough space
  • Not lightweight

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9. Vionic Agile Kea Women’s Shoes With Synthetic Mesh

If you are looking for a standard women’s footwear for different occasions, then agile kea is here. You can wear them to play tennis, for running, walking and just as casual wear. It features synthetic upper mesh that is breathable and also lightweight.

Vionic kea shoes have a flexible, firm orthotic insert that is removable, long-lasting rubber outsole featuring advanced moton technology.

The good thing with agile kea is that they come in various colors and sizes and different widths to fit everyone. However, nothing is perfect, so you should consider buying these shoes of it works right for you. There are claims that it is not ideal for athletics because it may allow airflow and swelling in your feet.


  • Shoes feature synthetic upper mesh
  • They are made of a long-lasting rubber outsole
  • Agile kea are breathable and lightweight
  • They have size variety to fit everyone
  • They have removable flexible orthotic inserts.


  • They must be hand washed
  • The arch support hits hard on the wrong spot

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10. Mizuno Men’s Wave Rider 20 Running Shoe

Want to start running a journey for fitness or as is that your career in which you make a living? Well, then you need to have exercise gear. Wave Rider 20 is what you need to have for a smooth running experience.

These shoes by Mizuno brand, are designed lightweight offer comfort the users. They are ideally firm and offers plush sensation features enhanced by the selection of proper materials during construction. The make comprises urethane, mesh, and synthetic leather.

They further have sufficient ventilation on the upper feet, ankle, and heel to protect the user from overheating or excessive sweating to enhance breathability while running. Moreover, since stability and comfort matters so much to the runner, their midsole has an additional heel plate sandwiched between dual dense molded foam to support shock absorbing ability.


  • Lightweight make
  • Super breathability
  • Colour variety
  • Reliable shock absorption
  • Flexible and comfy cushioned sole


  • Not suitable for roughy surfaces or hard terrain
  • A bit expensive

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Factors To Consider When Buying Shoes for Back Pain

Check The Arch Support Design

when buying shoes, go for those with a neutral arch for your foot. People with flat or high foot arches may cause the overpronation of the ankle. Three types of footprints are high, low, or neutral arches. Know your arch before buying the running shoe to safe from possible impacts that may lead to pains when walking or running.

Mind The Cushioning

buy shoes with proper cushioning that is enough to absorb shock and reduce the impact that may cause stress on your back. Let the shoe’s outsole and midsole be made of proper material that will adopt your foot. Cushioning material should be lightweight and durable.

Flip Flops Are To be Avoided

go for the shoes that have moderate heels, avoid too flat or high heels like a flip flop as that can cause injury or pain on the back, ankle, foot, or knees. However, when going for a short walk is okay. Choose the shoes that rightly fit you in terms of sizes, width, and correct length.

Consider Orthotics Support

This is arch support inserts that can be used by people with flat feet or high arches to help absorb shock and enhance cushioning. If you suffer such issues, you should consider visiting a chiropractor to customize an ideal orthotic for you.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ)

Q. How long does back pain last?

In some cases, back pain may heal itself without having to seek medication by staying active through exercises. Usually, back pain may last days to a few weeks and up to 6 weeks. It is advised to visit the doctor for directions when pain persists.

Q. What are the most comfortable back pain shoes?

Many shoes provide haven comfort. These shoes are available and helpful to both men and women among them is SAUCONY ZEALOT ISO 3 men and women shoes for back pain, VIONIC CHASE AND VIONIC LOGAN for men and women respectively.

Q. What are the various types of back pain?

The following are common types of back pain. The classification depends on your description of how you are feeling. Referred back pain. This type of pain has characteristics that vary in intensity.

For instance, lower back pain, also disc disease may lead to posterior thighs. Axial back pain. This sort of pain is described by the symptoms of sharp or dull, throbbing, or constant. Radicular pain. Here the radicular pain is felt flowing through the spinal nerve and exits via the spinal canal. Compression or inflammation of the spinal nerve causes this pain.

Q. Can shoes cause back pain?

Yes, shoes can cause back pain, although not all shoes. Shoes like high heel tend to cause posture impairment. Avoid too flat shoes and shoes more top than 1 inch.

List of 10 Best Athletic Shoes for Back Pain


Finally, it is prudent to take care of all the details described in this article as that will help you carry on your running experience, whether for fitness or career. Fitness is fundamental, especially to older people, that will help them stay in shape and slow aging. Before you start your running journey, visit the expert to describe your feet, and with that, you can shop the best running shoes for back pain.

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