15 Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet

Today more and more persons are choosing to make cross training since this is the way to lose weight faster and gain more muscle mass. The cross-training exercises require a constant change between isotonic and isometric exercise which in many instances gets yourself to its limits.

All types of exercise need coordination among our different parts of the body since all the muscle system is taking part in the ongoing process of training. Moving and developing your muscles may be hard for your bones and ligaments especially when you are not wearing adequate footwear.

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Shoes are the most important part of our garments when we are performing cross-training and it should be wise that we presented all the best that is available on the internet market right now. The list with the best training shoes for flat feet starts over here:

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15 Best Cross Training Shoes for Flat Feet

1 PUMA Tazon 6 WN’s FM – Best Workout Shoes for Flat Feet

Presented by Puma a worldwide leader in athletic shoes, the Tazon cross-trainer shoes rank high in the best cross training shoes for flat feet with many features.

First, they are stylish having a light silhouette with no external laces and straps, which is ideal for women. It consists of synthetic leather upper mesh that makes the shoes waterproof and has also a midfoot saddle which counts for comfort and fitness.


  • They are perfect for the narrow hell
  • They are looking great my mixing black and silver color
  • Made by 100 percent pure synthetic leather
  • They are also fit and comfortable for breathable sock liner and rubber sole
  • They are extremely suited for cross-training in outdoor or indoor


  • This shoes may get a little bit hot during exercise
  • May vary on size

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2 New Balance Mx608v4 – Best Training Shoes for Flat Feet

These shoes are the ones who made it to the top of the best cross training shoes for women with flat feet. Since flat feet is a deformity that cannot be easily overpassed when performing sports activities, the presence of specialized shoes is imperative.

This New Balance pair of shoes for men gives them many possibilities in the design so that anyone can find the right type for his own tastes. Then the extra strong lacing system makes it easy for you to train without worrying if you lose your balance when stepping on your shoelaces.

Not to mention that the enhanced cushioning system makes it easy for persons with flat feet to move quickly with no pain since the shoe is making up for the lack of the foot curve.


  • They are secure fit for non-marking rubber outsole
  • Have adjustable white color lace-up
  • Breathable mesh body with EVA footbed
  • Unique designed and stylish too
  • Very supportive for cross training


  • Have lacked for cushioning
  • The insole may worn out after one or two months of use

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3 NIKE Women’s Flex Supreme TR 5 – Best Training Shoes for Women

Now let’s have a closer look at the blockbuster of the best cross training shoes for flat feet which are made by Nike, the world leader in athletic footwear. The shoes are fashionable and come in many sizes and colors so that anybody can find the one that matches his needs and ambitions.

The ultra-light material technology that is used to manufacture these shoes is enough to make you train like there are no shoes on your feet.

The flex grooves are hexagonal giving a better grip to the ground, as well as the rubber outriggers increase lateral stability which is crucial in cross-training especially for people suffering from flat feet that causes moments of instability.


  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • Nike Flex Supreme TR 5 is stylish and very well designed
  • It has Hexagonal outsole for natural movement
  • They have dual-density foam to offer better cushioning
  • Perfect for cross-training and gym use


  • The toe box may be narrow
  • They are not perfect for running

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4 NIKE AIR MONARCH IV 6 – Best Nike Cross Training Shoes

This is the best pair of shoes that legendary Nike has presented to the public in the category of the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet. These are the latest innovations of Nike for the special audience of people with flat feet and seem to meet the expectations for training.

The Monarch series is incorporating all the great Nike features like the unique rubber sole that makes the shoes practically waterproof under any conditions.

The extra durable leather on the top shaft supports the foot and ankle adequately. The lightweight foam midsole makes it easier to change directions while running and the air-sole unit is adequate for isometric activities that people with flat feet are performing as part of the cross-fit training.


  • They are very comfortable cross-training shoe for foam phylon midsole
  • They have a variety of color and size option
  • They have leather overlays to offer durability and support
  • They are lightweight and flexible
  • Easy to take on and off


  • They can make a squeaky noise
  • The toe box seems to be narrow

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5 RYKA Women’s Influence – Best Women’s Cross Training Shoes 2019

When reaching the RYKA shoes we can imagine how could the best cross training shoes for women with flat feet seem to like. This pair of shoes is among the most attractive and stylish shoes for women on the internet market.

The 25 years of experience have made people at RYKA company, to think more about special parts of the population like women with flat feet that want to do CrossFit training.

This pair of shoes is by far the most adequate for them since it integrates the latest grip and traction technologies of the outsoles. An enhanced lacing system lays in the upper mesh to make it impossible for the ankle to get unsupported.


  • Have padded tongue and collar
  • They are imported
  • They feature synthetic sole and mesh upper for comfort and breathability
  • Color match lace-up shoe with logo at tongue
  • They have also dual impact midsole to offer to cushion


  • Thin strings
  • Size May vary

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6 Adidas Powerlift.2 – Best Cross Training Shoes for Men

Finally, the Adidas leader in show manufacturing has presented some of the best cross training shoes for overpronation.

This hard situation for some people affects their gait while running and walking so they need extra protection from their shoes. The Adidas Powerlift series offers a great foundation for the feet of people with overpronation.

The high-density midsole gives an air of comfort and steadiness. The mesh keeps on being lightweight which makes it possible for the foot to breathe and cools it down during training.


  • They made by 100 percent synthetic leather and rubber sole
  • Able to meet perfect heel size
  • Synthetic leather upper and die-cut midsole for lightweight and durability
  • Enhancing flexibility in the toe


  • Strap not very secure

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7 NOBULL Women’sTraining Shoes and Styles

NOBULL is the newcomer in the sports shoe manufacturing industry. It has the ambition to create the best cross training shoes for flat feet which is crucial for people that suffer from such musculoskeletal conditions.

The shoes are coming in many styles and colors especially for women that need to stand out even when they are training. The reflective NOBULL logo makes your appearance to be visible at any time, while the carbon lateral and medial guards add up to your stability and grip efficiency.


  • They can easily use for running, walking, and cross-training
  • They are comfortable walking and cross training
  • They are lightweight, flexible and breathable
  • Have super fabric guard plates for natural movement
  • The outsole lug pattern is well designed for traction and better support
  • They are Virtually indestructible


  • They are small and narrow
  • The super fabric upper is stiffer than mesh

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8 Reebok Crossfit Nano 8.0 – Best Gym Shoes for Flat Feet

Once again Reebok has managed to create a great shoe for men suffering from flat feet condition. The CrossFit Nano is one of the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet that are available on the market. Responsiveness, extra cushioning and flexibility are the main values that this pair of shoes incorporate.

There is also a special feature called the Aero weave that lies on the upper mesh and gives extra breathability to the shoes. The outsole is specifically designed to be multi-surface and provide extra traction and durability.

Not to mention that the heel protection of the shoes is outstanding especially for people that deal with flat feet and need extra heel protection and support.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Roomy forefoot for toe splaying
  • Removable sock liner
  • Wide toe box for a comfortable fit
  • Supportive Flex weave upper


  • Size of the footwear may small or big
  • Cushioning is spongy

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9 ASICS Fuzex TR – Best Cross Training Shoes With Arch Support

One of the most reliable shoes available on the market right now. The ASICS manufacturer has ambitions to enter the top of the list of the cross-training shoes for high arches which is a special category that addressed the people with foot arch abnormalities.

It is a versatile cross-training shoe that combines the latest top of the art technologies of the shoe industry. The Rearfoot GEL is responsible for the heel protection while lifting weights or jumping high during crosstraining.

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The Solyte midsole is so dense that it makes up for the messed foot arch giving a sense of comfort to the tired feet of athletes with feet deformities. The shoes are also made from ultra-lightweight materials that make it possible for athletes to wear them up for multiple hours during exercise.


  • ASICS Women’s FuzeX TR perfect for a cross training shoe
  • Very comfortable for 100 percent textile and synthetic sole
  • Lightweight and fit for fuzz gel midsole
  • Seamless Construction
  • Durable and breathable


  • FuzeX TR may small and narrow

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10 Vibram KSO EVO – Best Cross Training Shoes for Wide Feet

The ultimate newcomer in the field of specialized athletes’ footwear is Vibram. It claims to have some of the best cross training shoes for flat feet that are available worldwide.

The KSO EVO model meets the high standards of the category since it integrates great ground feedback and enhanced protection of the user. It offers unique flexibility and grip to almost all slippery terrains.

The same shoes apply to people with flat feet since their outsole remains the lowest in the category- only 5mm high- and encourages good form while at the same time is absorbed all shocks related to the intense CrossFit training.


  • Synthetic sole
  • Very lightweight for minimal construction
  • The clever quick lace system
  • Extremely breathable and easy to wash


  • Not perfect for icy terrains

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11 Brooks Launch 3 – Best Cross Training Shoes for Women

One of the best newly presented shoes by Brooks company. These are the only hope of the company to come back to the desired list of cross training shoes for flat feet, which is a special category of highly sophisticated shoes.

A really awesome variety of styles and colors are there to attract the attention of all the female users. Synthetic overlays in the upper mesh make the shoes lighter and enhance airflow inside them.

The so-called Bio DNA MoGo Midsole keeps on being the unique innovation incorporated in this pair of shoes. It can deliver optimized cushioning and extra air dynamics to all users, which is crucial for crosstraining.

Not to mention that the midsole creates extra space for people with flat feet so that they feel comfortable in their shoes while exercising.


  • They are lightweight
  • DNA midsole enhance cushioning
  • Flexible and breathable
  • Removable foam insole
  • Color match lace-up system


  • The toe box may narrow and little bit small

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12 Skechers Sport Men’s Equalizer 2.0 – Best Workout Sneakers for Flat Feet

Since the beginning of the decade, Skechers has not presented a specialized pair of shoes for flat feet people. This model is among the best CrossFit shoes for flat feet having extra features to support those people.

They are the basic shoes needed for training since they are only available in black color. They are adequate for any type of cross training since they have enhanced grip grace to their rubber outsole.

The upper mesh and the tongue are made of quality material that makes it comfortable to wear for long hours and even makes extensive heat to pass through the feet and abandon them. The lacing system is basic but still remains effective for most people.


  • A mixture of mesh and leather
  • Imported and lightweight
  • Flexible rubber sole cushioning
  • Air Cool memory foam insole and knit upper
  • Highly recommended for cross training


  •  The shoe wore out too easily
  •  They ate a little bit wide across the midfoot

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13 Merrell Vapor Glove 2 – Best Shoes for Lifting and Running

The Merrell shoes are the absolutely lovable newcomers of the category. Claiming to be the adequate cross training shoes for overpronation this model remains by far the most specialized across the market.

It has a low profile giving more power for people who perform long-running while doing cross training and suffer from overpronation and flat feet as well.

The material that they are made of is of extreme quality and permits the breathability of the show as a whole. The insole remains foamy so that the pressure is adequately absorbed and the heel gets extra support which is important especially for people performing weight lifting.


  • Very lightweight
  • 100 percent pure textile and synthetic
  • Perfect for everyday training
  • Breathable mesh lining with microfiber soft footbed
  • Easy to clean


  • Upper unit durability may be an issue

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14 ASICS GEL Venture 5 – Best Athletic Shoes for Flat Feet

The classic ASICS Gel series are now enriched with this model that is considered to be among the best cross training shoes for flat feet that are available on the market. Their outsole is among the innovations that Asics are presenting to the public.

It is made of special molecular material that doesn’t get affected by the weather conditions and keeps its volume and structure at any temperature.

The result is enhanced grip and best available traction according to the user’s speed and power. The materials that make up the mesh and the tongue are specifically designed for people with feet deformities so that they provide enhanced cushioning and create more space for the swore feet of men performing cross training.


  • 100% Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Trail-specific outsole with reversed traction lugs
  • Rear foot GEL cushioning
  • Removable sock liner


  • Gel Venture 5 is a bit narrow

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15 Inov-8 F-LITE 235 V2 – Best Cross Training Shoes

Finally, the INOV producer’s new pair of shoes for women with feet deformities is already in the peak of the list for flat feet.

This pair of shoes gives the ability of extra agility and flexibility to the female user due to their specifically designed insole that provides enhanced support and cushioning. The outsole remains one of the most resistant in the category.

The lacing system even though basic, covers adequately the needs for ankle and foot arch protection during the cross-training sessions.


  • 100% Synthetic sole
  • Designed for fitness workouts and cross training
  • They deliver maximum stability
  • Have Meta-flex technology for flexibility
  • Met-cradle lacing system for foot secure
  • ApapterFit technology upper for traction and durability


  • Shoelaces are not long enough
  • May the mesh upper tore apart

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List of 15 Best Training Shoes for Flat Feet


Our team has thoroughly tested and reviewed all the latest models of well-known brands and they have researched their shoes pros and cons. These shoes are specifically designed for the Crossfit space. So that you can easily choose the best cross training shoes for flat feet to feel more comfortable.

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